For the next few days Student Life Guide will be letting you in on all the best internships there are to offer this summer, ranging from a variety of sectors from banking through to design.

Today, it’s architecture!

Douglas and King Architects

Where: London
When: Summer
Paid? Yes.

This is a short term internship based in London with Douglas and King Architects. It’s specifically for graduates and involves a paid salary which is always a plus! They are offering a ‘extraordinary’ range of opportunities for their interns, many of the placements running into full time jobs within the company. You will have some time to work with the project leader, working over design concepts, model making, learning how to 3 D print, preparing diagrams and filing reports.

You will also have some time with the director, this is a great opportunity to look into the marketing behind architecture, from funding through to sponsorship.

Anthro Architecture

Where: London and Dublin
When: Summer
Paid? Yes.

This company are looking for interns to join them during the summer to work in their London design offices.

Your roles will include collaborating with other clients and investors as well as coming up with individual designs and ideas to put forward to the group. Anthro claim in their website to be looking for motivated graduates who are ready to experience the drive and enthusiasm which comes from working in an architectural workplace.

You will also be expected to go out on call surveying possible building sites. They are looking for recent graduates with a strong graphic design talent, confidence in working within a creative environment as well as someone who finds it easy to work within a team. Finally, Anthro stress that they are looking for people who are naturally curious and excited to create! So get applying!

Insight Programme at Savilles

Where: To be determined through application
When: Summer, one week long.
Paid? No.

Applications close on 26th February.

This is a great opportunity for first year architecture students to be able to shadow a recent Saville’s graduate in the work place.

The small internship is just one week long and will really give you an insight into surveying, property management, urban design and town planing. This is definitely one for the architects more interested in the marketing and sales side of construction, and the small time period of the internship means that it’s a brilliant thing to just try out early on in your university experience!

Hassell Architecture Student and Graduate Programme

Where: London ad Cardiff.
When: Starting in summer, 6-12 month placement.
Paid? Yes

Applications close 28th February.

Hassell are on the look out for a group of designers, either still studying or freshly graduated to take part in the internship paid scheme ranging from 6-12 months in length, based in Cardiff or London.

At Hassell, you will get the chance to contribute to a wide variety of projects and you will ultimately work towards understanding what exactly makes a good design and a strong pitch. You will enjoy all the perks of the job, from creative working environments, inters-studio transfers, development and free training sessions, flexible start and finish time and also some studying tips if you are still completing your university degree.

Your CV must include of course a complete copy of your portfolio, a cover letter, detailing why you would like to work for Hassell and finally your CV. Good luck!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.