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The Best Summer Internships: Working In Finance

The Best Summer Internships: Working In Finance

For the next few days Student Life Guide will be letting you in on all the best internships there are to offer this summer, ranging from a variety of sectors from banking through to design.

Today, it’s banking and accountancy!

Grant Thornton

This is a great summer internship in accountancy with a constantly rolling application process, so you can apply any time, although the new year is probably your best bet before all the exams start rolling in! The internship involves you spending 6-8 weeks in London being a trainee in the Grant Thornton city offices. There will be a celebratory evening and then a few days of getting to know your new colleagues. This is a great way to get a real insight into business, the majority of students who get the placement usually are keen to work for Thornton after graduation. As the company states, it’s not an internship which will involve you just copying papers, you can really learn from this! Apply now.

Bank of England

Last applications for this one are in on 22nd January, so if you do want it, then it may be a little bit of a rush, internships are usually all filled up by the early year. If you do want to give this a try, it’s a brilliantly planned 6-8 week internship where you will be working on real life issues which are perfectly aligned to the Bank of England. The placement will take place in central London where the offices of the Bank of England are based. According to the company, most people are surprised and warmed by the friendly reception they receive upon walking into the office. During this position, you will learn how the Bank of England affects all areas of everyday life in major cities and global markets. Apply now.

Credit Suisse

Yes, this summer internship is in Switzerland but as far as student banking internships go, this is one of the best on offer at the moment. Take the opportunity to work with Credit Suisse at their offices in Switzerland for 10-12 weeks. Here you will be placed right in the heart of the company and learn what it takes to be a employee for a competitive baking company, ‘charged with solving real problems and making an impact’. The application process is still rolling, but the company are only looking for master’s students in the last few months of their degree and set to graduate soon, good luck! Apply now.


This is a brilliant internship for you to ‘experience the realities’ of working in HSBC banking first hand. With the application ending on the 31st January, applications are a little squeezed, but definitely worth doing if you would like to get involved! HSBC’s summer internship programmes are usually on average 10 weeks long and situated all over the country! They also have a wide variety of post graduate opportunities on offer as well, such as 18 month long placements! Visit the website for a full scan of what’s on offer and get applying!

Lloyd’s Banking Group

This is a 10 week summer internship programme with a rolling application process, meaning there is no deadline, although it would probably be best to apply as soon as is possible. Lloyd’s summer internships are spread over a variety of different sectors, from IT, finance, retail banking, Management and Digital Banking. Through joining Lloyd’s internship programmes you will find out what it’s like to work for one of the most influential banking institutions in the world. Also, the internship is nationwide, meaning that there will probably be offices in your university city! Apply now.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.