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The Best Presents for Mum and Dad

The Best Presents for Mum and Dad

If your Mum doesn’t ask for ‘smelly stuff’, is she really your Mum?

Struggling to think of present ideas for the parents? Don’t worry! We’ve got some nifty ideas, ranging from a wide variety of prices and choices, you are bound to find something you like the sound of!

★  Ideas for Mum ★

As my Mum always says, ‘smelly stuff’

This can come in a variety of forms, but mostly consists of toiletry sets. The best ones out there are from the Body Shop or L’Occitane if you want to go a little bit up market.

If you are looking for more of a steal, then Boots are great to find some great beauty and toiletry boxes, from Soap and Glory to Bayliss and Harding, who doesn’t love nice smelling stuff?

Another great alternative is Lush, they can be a little pricey but are all natural and might be something your Mum has not tried before, so give her a new experience!

If your Mum doesn’t ask for ‘smelly stuff’, is she really your Mum?


The classic, let’s be honest, you cannot go wrong with sleep wear. If you are looking for some super cosy sets then M&S is brilliant, they also do some super fluffy dressing gowns.

If you are looking for a cheaper option and much more choice, then Primark is prefect for some sleep wear, there are literally stacks and stacks of pyjamas there, all pretty good in quality. You can also pick up some fluffy socks, slippers and mugs for hot chocolate too, all for the same price as M&S!

Photo Frame

Come on, all Mums are sentimental, so what can be better than a photo frame filled with a family picture, to get everyone emotional!

Oliver Bonas do some beautiful frames, or for a cheaper option you can hit up Next Home.

If you are really strapped for cash, then pick up a cheap frame and decorate it yourself!

Yankee Candle

These are hand down the best candles, they actually smell when you light them and make rooms smell good, none of that half bothered candle smell! They can be pretty pricey but you always find at least one type on sale, so keep a look out. Seriously, they’re great!

Face Cream

I know, this subject can be a little touchy, buying anti wrinkle cream and all that, but your Mum could really appreciate a nice brand of face cream. L’occitane do some beautiful creams, although they can be a little expensive!

Body shop have a brand new skin care range which is affordable and really works. Other examples of nice skin care can be Loreal and Nivea, anything with moisture as my Mum would say!


The classic,who doesn’t love chocolate in some form or another?
Of course, Thortons Chocolate is the best to go for, they do some lovely gift boxes which can you pick up, they also offer the opportunity to make you own by picking individual chocolates, this way you can make it a bit more personal.


In my opinion, Waitrose Flowers are beautiful, the standard of a florist but cheaper. You can pick them up for around £8. If you’re feeling fancy you can also grab a vase, Next Home again are great for these.

★ Ideas for Dad ★

Socks and Hats

My dad is bald so I’ve never really had a problem with what to get him each year, going for a nice hat every time. Jack Wills, Fat Face and Pull and Bear offer a great range of nice wool hats, you can find them on ASOS.

Concerning socks, Next are great, little bit boring I know but everyone always needs socks!  Trust me, this is a fact.

Box Sets

I don’t know about you, but my Dad is always asking me to find him episodes of his favourite TV show because he doesn’t know how to find himself. Do your Dad and yourself a favour this year and grab him his favourite TV show on box set, he can watch it whenever he likes now and hopefully your Dad will know how to work a DVD player! Think about it, you won’t get a text through each week asking for a link to his favourite show.

Dressing gown/slippers

The classic. If you are looking for a big, fluffy dressing gown then believe it or not, supermarkets are usually the best to go looking for one.

Tesco have lovely dressing gowns for just £20 and you can always order off their website! Primark also have more affordable gowns, or if you want to blow some more cash, you can always check out ASOS, where they come in at around £30.


Yes, this be a little bit expensive, but if you really want to treat your Dad then maybe go for a new winter jacket, buying clothes for parents can be a scary business but if he knows that you have taken time over it, he will appreciate it. If you live near any charity shops you can always pick up some bargains, Levis jackets are usually in these and can be a great retro present!

Gadgets and Gizmos

Not on the High Street have a great range of gadgets for your Dad, from new watches to self stirring mugs, they can be a little cheesy but often have some really individual designs. You can spend very little and still come away with a personal present, so definitely check them out.

★ Joint Present Ideas- let’s get baking! ★

Baking your presents can be a great way to get a big, joint present for your family. Here are some festive recipes down below for you to try!

Christmas Brownies!★

Christmas Stollen★

Festive Gingerbread People★

Chocolate Orange and Hazelnut Cake★

Check out this site with ideas on how to wrap up your festive bakes!★


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