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The A-Z of Summer

The A-Z of Summer

A – Alfresco – Nothing feels quite like summer than a dinner party in the garden with chilled out music, endless greek salads and more alcohol than you were anticipating.

B –  BBQ – We know that glorious summer evenings are far and few between in Britain. So when the sun does prove to be on our side, a BBQ is the only way to celebrate.

C – Camping – You may just encounter a newfound appreciation for nature and outdoor activities!

D – Disposable cameras – These old things are perfect for summer holidays as you don’t have to fuss about with memory cards and the quality of disposable pictures are incomparable.

E – Exercise – Try and remember to stay active during the summer period. The early morning sunshine is perfect for a jog or a bike ride.

F – Fun run – On that note, why not get sponsored to take part in an organise race?</p>

G – Gigs – Check out any open air concerts and festivals happening across the country. From Bestival and Glastonbury to small jazz concerts, summer is the perfect season ‘pour la musique’.

H – Hang – out with old friends – Catching up with old friends is often more convenient in summer.

I – Internship – Sadly, summer isn’t just about holidays. Try not to forgot completely about your CV and attempt and source some work experience.

J –  Join – Hopefully you will have time to join things while you’re at home, whether that be the local gym, an art class or even campaigning for a political party!

K – Kayaking – Why not?

L – London – If you you can cope with the hustle and bustle of the peak tourism season, visiting the capital city in the summer is a must. London holds many free outdoor summer events such as large scale picnics and pop-up beer gardens.

M – Markets – Explore food, vintage and other quirky markets across the country.

N – New look – Summer is long enough that if a makeover goes wrong, you have time to reverse it. Why not try a haircut, piercings or a new summer wardrobe.

O – Outdoors – Try not to stay cooped up too much. Whilst summer may be a great time to catch up on various Netflix series, there is a lot more than TV to get involved in!

P – Pimms – Say no more, Pimms is the quintessential British summer drink. Serve the alcohol with fresh mint leaves, cucumber and strawberries for a refreshing twist. Pimms have also launched a new Cider in flavours like summer fruits, plum and red apple and mango and passionfruit.

Q – Quiet – Remember to have some time to relax!

R – Rooftop Bars – A perfect way to turn drinking into an acceptable summer ‘activity’.

S – Summer Cocktails – Daiquiri, Piña Colada, Mojito? Get creative and make some of your own!

T – Travel – One rarely regrets spending money on traveling, so try and find some cheap deals. If you can’t afford to go abroad, even travelling around Britain can be fun with friends.

U – University –  If you’re returning to University after the summer period, try and save a bit of time to read over your courses for the following year. Even if it’s be boring at the time, it will all be worth it in the end.

V – Volunteering – Volunteering is a great way to make friends and get involved in something new. There are often festivals where you can steward or activity camps where you can support activities for kids.

W – Winter – Even the word sends shivers down my spine. Remember that the summer season does not last and the thought of winter will hopefully encourage you to make the most out of it!

X – eXplore – Let loose and explore local areas you haven’t yet discovered. You may not have ventured into hidden woodlands or new cafés up the road.

Y – Yacht – Whilst Yachting may break your student budget, try and do one activity as equally luxurious. That could be a day at the Royal Ascot or strawberries and cream at Wimbledon!

Z – Z (it’s always a tough one) – Use this space to think of your own summer activity!

By Nina Harris

Holly Smith Editor