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The 7 stages of an essay all-nighter

The 7 stages of an essay all-nighter

2000 words, 12 hours? Walk in the park mate….

1) You spend about an hour highlighting the question and contemplating the meaning of life.

2) Ok, down to business. Wow, you wrote 100 words? Time for a break!


3) Midnight strikes and reality kicks in. You’ve written 100 words and most of that is the title and your name. Frantically run round the library grabbing any books that look remotely useful.

4) Have a sudden burst of inspiration, fueled by chocolate, and thrash out half the essay.


5) Realise you’ve totally misread the question but you’ve come too far to go back.

essay all-nighter

6) 300 words to go. If I just write a load of characters and change the colour to white, then no one will know i’m so far under the word-count… right? 

7) Daylight dawns and as you press submit, you vow to yourself you’ll never ever leave work to the last minute again. At least until next term.

Holly Smith Editor