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The 22 Beasts of British Chocolate. Ranked.

The 22 Beasts of British Chocolate. Ranked.

Today is National Chocolate day.

Yep… there’s actually a day dedicated to British chocolate.

Why you ask? Well, what other country can make chocolate as good as us?

From the melt-in-the-mouth Caramel to the one and only Dairy Milk bar, we never really fail when it comes to the sweet stuff.

But of course, not all chocolate really falls into the same category . Here’s our British chocolate ranked.

22. Bounty


Don’t deny it, they’re always the last to go in the Celebration tin. Your dad probably likes them, but no one else.

21. Snickers


The second last to go in a Celebration tin. Always remember to avoid eating them around people with peanut allergies.

20. Milky Way

As a kid, you probably loved these. They were so soft and the advert on TV was AWESOME.

19. Chomp


This was one that you probably bought with the left over 20p from lunch on the way home after school. They’re pretty bland to be honest. Would you really ever choose to have one now?

18. Fudge


The one you always get confused with the Chomp. You can generally find them in selection packs at Christmas, and end up bargaining with your sibling in exchange for something much better.

17. Freddo


The mighty Freddo should be ranked much higher than a measly 17, but the price lets it down. After all, it’s only two mouthfuls of chocolate. Hands up if you remember them being 5p.

16. Picnic


They contain fruit. Who wants fruit in chocolate? No thanks, I’ll stick with my unhealthiness I think.

15. Curlywurly

Granted, Curlywurlys are sick. But I swear every time you take a bite, you cover the whole vicinity in little shards of chocolate. Then you have to shake your head like a shark eating a person to actually break a piece off.

14. TimeOut

Are these really chocolate bars? Can’t complain though, they were the best thing your Mum ever put in your packed lunch.

13. Twix


Eating a Twix is a work of art. You must do it correctly or else who even are you? If you don’t bite all the chocolate off first then you’re doing it soooo wrong.

12. Flake


They turn a bland Mr Whippy  into the king of all ice cream. Flake 99s is where it’s at.

11. Kitkat


Guaranteed to be the chocolate that your Gran would offer every time you go to visit her. You may a fully fledged adult now, but that wont stop her from adding it onto her shopping list.

10. Toblerone


Forgot your dad’s birthday? No worries, the humble Toblerone will always be around to save you in times of need.

9. Bournville


It may be dark chocolate, but it’s edible. Unlike some of the bitterly dark stuff your mum buys.

8. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

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Christmas is officially on the way when you see this beauty in the supermarkets. They now even sell white chocolate ones, dark chocolate ones and popping candy ones. It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine.

7. Aero


I don’t mean the weird orange Aero (who even buys them?), but the mint and chocolate ones. YES!

6. Yorkie


Remember when these originally had packaging saying ‘Not for girls’? Thank god for feminism.

5. Chrunchie


What can be said about the Chrunchie? It’s pretty goddamm amazing.

4. Whisper


Whispers are the best thing to ever make it onto supermarket shelves. They normally are also included in a meal deal. Extra points for Whisper.

3. Dairy Milk


The classic Dairy Milk. Problem is, one bar is never enough.

2. Giant Chocolate Buttons


They’re like chocolate buttons, but giant! Put two together and suck on it.

1. Magic Stars

They’re getting hard to find now, but when you see them you just can’t help yourself. You know deep down that nothing will ever beat them.

Holly Smith Editor