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The 10 types of people you will meet this Fresher’s week

The 10 types of people you will meet this Fresher’s week

‘You went on a gap year? You never mentioned before!’

Fresher’s Week is here guys, it’s officially happening. Here are the top ten people that you are definitely going to meet this week, from the party animals to the people who never come out of their rooms, the intellectuals, the gamers and the apparent ‘sensible’ ones.

#1 The Party Fresher

These are the people that will be hanging around your door to encourage you to come out. These will be the people you are silently cursing as you end up in a club ten shots down when you told yourself you were going to stay in and read.

#2 The quiet one

Nobody really knows what they look like, they live on the floor, but no one has ever seen sightings, sometimes they are spotted at night, walking the corridors, yet they are gone by the morning.

#3 The complete mess

They are on the floor by two drinks, end up on every night out and somehow, disregarding all personal hygiene, are at the welcome talk the next morning.

#4 The sensible one/mum figure

They always have a coat for a night out, they get you a bottle of water when the world is spinning, they are usually the ones who will take the drunkest person home to bed, and they never lose their phone/wallet/card/bus pass on a night out? How do they do it?!

#5 The coy intellectual

This fresher lives a life of excess and partying yet still manages to score a high 80 in the first assessment. Once again, HOW?

#6 The amateur DJ

We all know them, this fresher is bound to saunter into the flat party and rip out the AUX lead from the current playlist, shoving it into their phone and bringing up their spotify playlist of ‘top notch bangers’

#7 The stoner

Stays in their room, ALL THE TIME, the only signal to indicate they are still in there and hopefully alive is the incessant smell of weed coming from under the door frame. Side note, they will always have snacks.

#8 The gap year person

They add you on Facebook, their profile picture being of them building toilets in Africa or posing with a monkey on their shoulder, drinking from coconuts, posting nostalgic throwbacks to the summer days, you can already picture them, can’t you?

#9 The bargain hunter

This fresher will always be eating Dominoes pizza, being fully aware of the fresher’s deal on at the moment. Their bag collection will exist purely of totes, if you want to borrow a pen from them it will probably be a company one, they have joined every society that offer free food at their first meeting, they have gained a name for themselves at the fresher’s fair, the free pizza stand is on high alert to stop them from sniping more pizza.

#10 Finally, the posh one

Constantly at the ATM, red chinos, floppy hair, probably a rugby top and a rehearsed tale of their time in the French Alps.


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.