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Why Thailand is the ultimate student destination

Why Thailand is the ultimate student destination

When it comes to cheap holidays away, quick get-a-ways to Spain or ventures to Magaluf come to mind, yet there is a hidden gem that has everything to offer, at affordable and most importantly, student-friendly prices.

Here are seven reasons why Thailand has earned the right to be called the ultimate student destination.

Cost of living

Firstly, it’s cheap!

Thailand offers different ends of the scale, stroll through modern malls in Bangkok and indulge in rooftop bars, or pop along to a food stall on the street to enjoy a hot bowl of noodles for the equivalent of £1!

The food on offer is wholesome and definitely filling, yet it is wise to make sure that the food is fresh, to avoid any unpleasantness after your meal!

Cheap flights!

Secondly comes travel.

Thailand is extremely easy to navigate around due to its abundance of cheap flights, with internal domestic flights costing the equivalent of around £23.00 each.

Taxis to the airport come in at around £5, making the whole experience affordable and relatively stress-free.

Smaller destinations, such as rural villages, can be reached by taxi, a journey into the small rural village of Pai costs just £5.

Countless destinations!

Thailand offers a range of different destinations and climates, from the sandy beaches of party island Phuket, through to the modern metropolis of Bangkok or the picturesque scenes of Pai, a small village populated by a majority of European backpackers, the country has a wide variety of holiday options.

If relaxation is top of your list, then a tour around the islands can be perfect, starting from the party island of Phuket through to the much more relaxing scenes of the smaller islands, with white sands and the sea as clear as pool water.

For the equivalent of £20, island tours can be taken via speedboat, with snorkel masks, cold Coca-Cola and watermelon included!

Amazing night life!

The nightlife of Thailand can definitely be an overwhelming experience at times, yet definitely an experience worth grabbing while in the country.

Khaosan Road in Bangkok is the ultimate student destination when it comes to nightlife, with countless clubs spilling out into the street, selling buckets of alcohol for the equivalent of around £2.50!

Kebab stands line the strip, complete with smoothie stands for that morning hangover.

Countless people are out selling you their club, just be wary of people getting too enthusiastic and shouting for you to have a drink! Similar scenes can also be seen on Bangla Road in Phuket, which stretches out onto the beach.

The backpacker and market Mecca of Khao San Rd is something to behold.
Khaosan Road

Interesting culture

A trip to Thailand will definitely plunge you into a whole different world of culture, from customs and traditions through to the abundance of temples and palaces on offer to explore.

The largest collection of temples can be found in Chiang Mai, where for the equivalent of around £12, you can take a temple tour in the back of an open top truck just in time to watch the sunset.


No more hostels!

Thailand’s cheap economic climate means that there are countless, beautiful hotels at affordable prices, many costing less than hostels in Paris! It’s definitely worth making sure there is a pool, as Thailand can reach the high thirties and be really humid!


A trip to Spain will not give the same wildlife experiences that Thailand can, which boasts a rich environment of beaches and jungles.

A trip to wash elephants is definitely a must do! Although avoid riding them, as the saddles they are fitted with are far too heavy. Sanctuaries are the best idea, where you can feed them bananas and wash them in mud holes.

So there you go! Seven reasons why Thailand is the ultimate travel destination for students or simply for people looking for an adventure on a budget, add it to your bucket list!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.