Home Lifestyle Eight times ‘I’m a Celeb’ summed up student life

Eight times ‘I’m a Celeb’ summed up student life

Eight times ‘I’m a Celeb’ summed up student life

You never have any nice food

Let’s face it, the only nice food you get is when you go back home and your mum cooks you up some grub. The food shop at university lasts around a day and a half before you realise that there is absolutely nothing left in your cupboards that you actually want to eat.

The majority of your showers are cold, thanks boiler

There’s always that one second of bliss when the shower runs hot, only to be quickly replaced by a freezing cold stream of pain! Dam you boiler, dam you rubbish student house, I’ll have to text the landlord…

You washed your sheets last week, I think…

Okay, so washing your sheets should be an important factor in personal hygiene, yet I still knew people in first year who had never washed their’s at all by the time they came to pack up their stuff…

Who can even afford to look good?!

Okay, pampering is expensive. Make up is expensive. Who can even afford that? The staples of being a student are Sainbury’s  basics toiletries, and that’s if we’re feeling fancy!

Drinking anything that’s alcoholic

Ice land creme de menthe? Sure. Aldi coffee liqueur? Sure. Lidl own brand cider? Great. Sainsbury’s basic’s versatile vodka? Of course. ASDA smart price box of wine? Perfect.
You give us cheap, weird alcohol, we will consume it.

Nothing going to plan, ever.

You can plan all you like but there’s just something about being a student which means that things rarely go to plan. This makes it more fun though, right??!

Drinking concoctions you’re pretty sure are poisonous at pre-drinks

It is always a bad idea to accept a drink off a friend, as that drink will probably be 80% alcohol, 20% mixer. I once knew someone who used wine as a mixer. WINE.

Eating disgusting food combinations from the leftovers in your cupboard

You never realised how creative you could be before you came to university and discovered how much food ketchup goes with. It really is a thing of beauty!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.