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Ten things every history student will understand

Ten things every history student will understand

#1 You have no time to read fiction books

You can’t really remember the last time you read a light-hearted fiction just for the fun of it as your life is dominated by historical journals. Reading six chapters of an adventure sci fi romance novel, fine, reading two pages of a source booklet, so painful.

#2 You love a good debate

You have realised that in history, it’s good to disagree. You find yourself trawling books just to find a passage by the historian that you disagree with, because MARKS. You then end up disagreeing with everything and realising you probably need to reign it in a little.

#3 People presume you know absolutely everything about any historical event EVER

If people are struggling with anything that has a vague link to history, they straight away turn to you. No, I am a history student but sadly I do not know the events of everyday in every country throughout all of history. However, you still do have a bizarre collection of facts in your head, which are always good fun to impress with at parties.

#4 JSTOR, just, JSTOR

The online database for all your desires, history related of course. You love this site because it means you can get all your library books from the comfort of your bedroom.

#5 No, I want the book, not the review…

You are constantly frustrated by downloading what you believe to be a full book, only to find it is a short review of said book, which is not that helpful at all and means you are still stuck in square one.

#6 You are sick of the Tudors

You have studied the Tudors in some form since primary school. You know the wives, you are on a strong friend basis with Henry VIII, and if someone says Reformation one more time…

#7 Citation is the bane of your life

Citation this citation that, cite this source even if it is not word for word because you didn’t make it up someone else did even if you have put it into your own words. Phew.

#8 Everyone thinks you are dull

Let’s face it, every, ‘What your course says about you’ always places the history lot in the boring section, which you always find annoying because guys, history is fun okay!?

#9 You must bite your tongue when someone gets a date wrong

You are fully aware of the hatred people have towards grammar correctors, so you try desperately to not blurt out what really happened, on what day and in which year. Although if anyone is up for a debate on the Princes in the tower, I’m game.

#10 You prefer documentaries over blockbusters

Documentaries are just so much more interesting. Think about it, you don’t have to read, technically it is work, but you can snack and relax whilst trying desperately to absorb all the information.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.