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The Ten Stages of Working in the Library

The Ten Stages of Working in the Library

Stage One: The Night Before

We have all done this. You decide that tomorrow is the day, you will be in the library from 9-5, you’ll finally watch back those missed lectures, you might even start on an essay or do more than one reading. You decide to lay out the clothes you want to wear, you line up your shoes next to your back pack and even throw in some snacks, you are ready.

The reality of the fact is that your alarm goes off, you wonder why on earth it’s doing that and decide to turn it off. You then end up leaving for the library at 11 am to get working for midday, because you can only start work on the hour and realising that it’s lunch time now so might as well just pop and get some food.

Stage Two: Food

You have convinced yourself that you will make a healthy balanced meal and store it in those cool tubs with the knife and fork attached to them in the lid.

The reality is that you wake up and decide to rush to the library, forgetting the lunch you have lovingly prepared.

You decide to take a full hour out of your work time, strolling up and down the various super markets, maybe even finding out which meal deal is the best value for money, before spending an arm and leg down in Subway or McDonalds.

Stage Three: YouTube

You have told yourself that you will not watch YouTube, the only entertaining video that will be on your screen is the lecture that you missed a few weeks ago.

Suddenly, however, an update pops up in the corner of your screen. ‘The Best Deals in Primark this Week: Reviewed’, HOW CAN YOU SAY NO?

Stage Four: Toilet Breaks

Just a quick pop to the toilet won’t take much time out of your day right?

Wrong, you’ll slip into the disabled toilet in the library and just sit there on your phone for a full twenty minutes before some one starts banging on the door.

Stage Five: Denial

You’ve done loads! Right? You have no idea what you were even worrying about, you probably didn’t even need to come to the library, you could have done this work at home, you could have done this work in your sleep!

Stage Six: Phone calls

You decide that maybe giving your mum a quick call will allow yourself a small break before you get back to work.

The reality of the situation is that you end up on the phone for a full hour, almost begging the person on the other end of the phone not to leave, if they leave, you will have to read back through that essay again.

Stage Seven: Phone Addiction

You tell yourself that you will switch off your phone, place it in your bag, place that bag behind the library seat and not look at it until you have a break.

Nope, your phone stays literally attached to your hip, you glance at it every few minutes, you might even pick it up and scroll for a full half an hour before realising what you are doing. GET BACK TO WORK.

Stage Eight: Hunger

At around mid afternoon, the hunger strikes, that meal deal was not enough to sustain you. Don’t worry! You’ve got all your work done, you can head home and cook a hot, fresh meal before having a nice bath!

No no  no no, you have got barely anything done. You begin to question how much longer you can go without food because you are going to be in this library for the long run. You eventually end up getting a selection of snacks out of the vending machine. Nutritious.

Stage Nine: Tiredness

The tiredness has begun to hit on a large and intense level, so you decide to pack up and head home, maybe grab a coffee on the way.

Erm, no? You will be grabbing four coffees and telling yourself to sit tight and just write that conclusion.

Stage Ten: Acceptance

It’s time to accept your fate and head back home, maybe tomorrow you will be able to get in the library at nine, it’s always good to be optimistic, right?

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.