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How to tell he’s just not that into you

How to tell he’s just not that into you
You’ll go for days without hearing from him

You might have dropped him a relaxed text, three days have gone by and still no word from his end. Some people are genuinely just poor repliers, but it doesn’t sound too promising if he never wants to hear from you or even just ask about your day.

He doesn’t ask many questions

Does it often feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? Are his replies minimal and uninterested? Read back over your conversations and think about whether he ever initiates chit chat.

He wont tell his friends about you

It seems some guys are happy to see girls for months on end and never tell a soul. You can’t blame someone for not wanting to over-publicise their relationship on Facebook, but if it becomes clear that not a single one of his friends know about you then alarm bells should be ringing.

He only wants to see you in evening for plans

Committing to plans in the day, without alcohol and without sleeping together, says a lot about how dedicated someone is. If he’s changed your cute day plans to “Netflix and chill” in the evening, then he’s not likely to view your relationship seriously.

He doesn’t do breakfast with you

He doesn’t have time for a quick bowl of cereal so he says? He’s not in it for the long term I’m afraid

His body language

Don’t overthink body language too much because it’s a difficult one to read. But look out for whether his knees are often turned away from you, he turns his back on you and doesn’t make eye contact.

He won’t hang out with you and your friends

Not many boys are overly keen to go for a champagne brunch with you and your oldest gal-pals, but if he won’t even go for a casual drink with your friends then he clearly isn’t putting in the effort to get to know you more. Your friends are important to you so they should be important to him!

He talks to you like he talks with his friends

Personally, if a guy calls me “cutie” or “sweetie” more than once a day it would make me feel ill. But on the flipside, if he treats you like one of his homeboys and doesn’t sound more romantic with you than he does with Dan from the pub then something is up.

He puts everything in his life before you

Friends, football, the pub, the gym, university work, beer pong, Fifa, Call of Duty, and then you somewhere further down the list. If you feel like seeing and speaking to him is a constant battle over his other commitments, then he’s just not that into you.

He won’t have the “relationship” chat

It’s never a good sign when he runs a mile the second anything remotely serious is mentioned about you and him. Likewise, if he is happy to chat away about the ex he was with for three years, he’s not ready to commit to you.

Holly Smith Editor