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Ten reasons to support live music in your local area

Ten reasons to support live music in your local area

Go on, fight back against the X Factor and get down to supporting live music in your local area

#1 It’s affordable!

The vast majority of local music events in your area are open mics and therefore are generally free of charge. If you’re tired of forking out £30 or more each time you head to a gig or up to an arena show, then a completely free music event can be a breath of fresh air!

#2 It’s close and easy to get to

Gone are the days of driving for hours or hopping on several buses and trains to get to your destination, open mics will be in your local area so are sometimes even in walking distance!

#3 It’s not as busy and less stressful

Little live music events are going to be a tad less stressful than full scale gigs. They are usually held in small bars of cafes so have a nice chilled out vibe where you can sit down, get some drinks in and chat to people before the music begins.

#4 You may just find your new favourite artist

You never know, you may just find your new favourite artist at an open mic event, someone might go viral or you might be inspired to take up guitar, piano or singing! Open mics can be so exciting as you never know what you are going to get!

#5 It’s relaxing, and can be a great time to socialise

Small live music events can be rather relaxing. Some of them cater to certain music styles so if you would like a calming evening, then look out for ‘unplugged’ sessions, they generally mean acoustic guitar sessions.

#6 It funds projects in your local area

Generally, open mic nights are not ticketed events, but they sometimes may ask for a small donation or have a small entry fee. Usually, this money goes to the artists playing or to the venue itself, so in many ways the ticket fees help to fund more music projects in your local area.

#7 It can be a great date night!

Open mics and small music sessions can be a perfect date night! Think about it, calming acoustic music, candle lit bar, no entry fee, perfect!

#8 It helps you to discover new places in your local area/city/town

When it comes to finding out about music events in your local area, you may have to take to google or to Facebook, before venturing out to bars and cafes that you have never even heard of. Open mics get you out the house on a weekday evening, exploring parts of your town or city you never even knew existed.

#9 It’s great for tourism

Open mics and live local music can be great for tourism, welcoming in sight seers to little bars and cafes to listen to music for the area.

#10 It gives many unpaid musicians a reason to play

Finally, open mics give unpaid musicians a reason and a chance to play to an actual crowd, meaning that the artists performing are nothing but humbled and happy to be there, and this can definitely be noted in every performance.

To find out about small music events in your local area, head over to skiddle, check out events on facebook, or just give it a google.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.