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Summer boredom busters

Summer boredom busters


If you’re time rich, why not put some of that time to good use and help others less fortunate than yourself? You can go the traditional route of volunteering in a charity shop or helping out at a youth club, but there’s also a whole host of volunteer roles available in a variety of more specialised roles. So if you’ve got a specific skill, offer it up.


Get a summer job

It might not be the most exciting way to spend your time, but the boredom will soon fly away when you’re busy. Working at a summer school is a great way for students to earn some money on a short-term contract, and every summer international school is host to hundreds of students in cities like Oxford, Cambridge, Reading and London.


Learn a new language

Learning a new language is a great way to bust your summer boredom and do something that will enhance your studies! If you’re thinking about going travelling after university, or have dreams of working abroad, then learning a language is definitely worthwhile.


Go travelling

Grab a friend, pack your bags and go travelling! It doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic; even travelling around the UK can be just as fun. Exploring and having new adventures means you’ll never get bored this summer.


Steward at a music festival

Bored and want to do something but short on cash? Then volunteering at a music festival might be just the thing for you. Although you do have to put down a deposit, you get this back at the end of the festival season. It’s a cheap and rewarding way of getting to see some of your favourite bands and artists at some of the summer’s hottest festivals.


Summer courses

Although university might be out for summer, universities across the globe hold summer schools in a variety of different subjects. It’s likely that your university’s study abroad department helps students get onto these courses, and often heavily subsidises them, making it affordable for you to get an educational boost and explore new countries!


Holly Smith Editor