Home Lifestyle Starting university soon? Here are the apps you will need!

Starting university soon? Here are the apps you will need!

Starting university soon? Here are the apps you will need!

If you’re starting university and are unsure about how you are going to find the whole experience then a great idea is to download some really useful apps to help you through the whole process!

From supplying you with all the relevant news to allowing you to connect with new friends, apps, in this modern world, are a vital part of your university process.

Social media apps

Before heading to university, it’s a great idea to download all the relevant social media apps to help you to make friends through the process.

Social media apps are pretty easy to access on your phone out and about and will mean that you’ll be able to keep in touch with new friends, old friends and family members.

You’ll also be able to join your accommodation and university pages as well to keep up to date with everything that is happening across campus!


When heading to university it can be a little tricky to keep up to date with what is happening in the world, as news and current affairs fall by the road side to be replaced with lectures and late nights.

Don’t worry, there’s a brilliant app which allows you to access all the relevant news at your fingertips, as well as letting you design your own home page complete with everything that is relevant to you, essentially becoming your own editor!

Meet Squid! The ultimate news buddy.

With nearly one million downloads already, Squid is definitely a hit with young people and students, it’s also available on Android and iPhone and can be downloaded in twelve different countries!

Squid is also completely free of charge and can be easily downloaded in seconds, meaning that you can be kept up to date in lightening speed.

Gone are the days when you get bombarded with news and information irrelevant to you, with Squid you can block certain topics and adverts!

Squid has been voted as one of the top five apps of 2017 meaning that it’s notoriety and usefulness is well known.

With no registration process, Squid allows you to share the news that matters to you with friends and family in seconds!

To find out more about Squid, head over to their site here.

Lecture Capturing

Gone are the days of frantically scribbling everything down in lectures through the first few weeks of university. There are actually apps now that allow you to record lectures to listen to afterwards.

Yes, lecture capture apps are now a reality.

Soundnote is one of the best apps as it records audio whilst also providing you with a transcript, a great way to discourage you from chatting through lectures!

Office Lens also allows you take images of the whiteboard without the strange glare that interactive boards give on camera!



For when fresher’s week is done and dusted and you’re heading into the months of revision, there are plenty of apps available to make the whole process better.

If you’re a flash card fanatic then there are apps available to help. StudyBlue allows you to make your own flash cards which you can then use to test yourself – without pestering a friend or family member!

There are also apps available such as GoConqr who offer extensive study charts, mind maps, flash cards and notes.

GoConqr also offer free quizzes on your chosen topic!

Video Call Apps

If you’ve just moved away from home then you’ll probably going to be missing your family. Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there allowing you to chat to friends and family with great quality sound and picture.

Although most people have heard of Skype, the service is not that reliable and needs a good level of internet to work. There are plenty of other apps out there only requiring mobile data to work and providing a great image such as Fring and Tango which can be purchased from either the app or google play store.

Student Safety

Living in a new city on your own, especially if you have come from a small town or country village, can be a very daunting experience. Don’t worry! There are apps to help with the whole experience with a number of campus apps being developed to keep students safe everyday at university.

The Circle of Six app is compatible with iPhone and Android users and is designed to help students find each other when lost, mainly on nights out!

The GPS tracker will simply mark your friends’ locations and give you directions to either reach them, or to get them to come to you.

There are also plenty more safety apps such as Bsafe and ReactMobile that are also dedicated to keeping you safe.

Fitness Apps

Although fresher’s week is definitely a time to treat yourself, further on into your experience you may want to start focusing on staying healthy- fitness apps can be a great help with this.

For people who usually find exercise such as running rather boring, there is a fun little app called ‘Zombies, Run!’ available on both iPhone and Android.

The app plays your very own music playlist whilst also incorporating sounds from a zombie apocalypse to get you moving!

Either run from the infected or become the un-dead! The whole experience is a little terrifying but definitely works.

If the option of being chased by zombies is a little intense for your liking then there are also plenty of apps out there to keep you feeling fit and motivated.

The Nike Run and RunKeeper apps track your distance and speed with GPS tracking whilst apps such as 7 minute workout offer fun, quick workouts tailored to you that can be completed anywhere!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.