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10 Little Self-Care Tips for Spring

10 Little Self-Care Tips for Spring

Spring is officially here and this means that it is time to blow away the cobwebs, and this means some self-care tips!

So, what exactly is self-care? Well, self-care simply means taking some time for yourself and focusing on ways to make yourself feel better, more relaxed and ready for the spring and summer ahead of you!

With the startling numbers of stress and anxiety amongst students currently, self-care is definitely something that every student can benefit from in some shape or form.

Here are some great ideas for self-care and focusing on yourself this spring, from pamper days, through to spring cleaning and fresh cooking!

1. Have a clear out/spring clean

A great way to set yourself up for Spring is to clear your physical space and your emotional space. Get rid of a few things that aren’t working for you anymore, sort out your wardrobe and throw away the clothes that you no longer wear anymore, it can really help to make you feel much more settled and ready for the year ahead!

2. Start cooking fresh

Throw out the hearty winter meals and welcome in some fresh recipe ideas, from pasta to salad and lots of fruit and smoothies! Increase on all those veggies! Spring is the time of year where all the fresh produce in supermarkets tastes much better than in winter, so make the most of it and try out some new recipes. Jamie’s 15 Minute meals are a great idea for students, full of fresh produce and they only take fifteen minutes to make! If the weather is nice then maybe cook outside sometimes, although this is rarely an occurrence in England!

3. Get exercising

Make the most of the fresh spring weather and head out for exercise. Whether it’s a run around the park, a walk with your family, friends or partner and even just a quick walk to the shops instead of taking the car, getting out and about to make the most of the breezy spring weather can be a brilliant experience after very long and rather cold winters!

4. Wake up early

A good thing about spring is that the mornings are much brighter and the sun comes up sooner! Make the most out of this and get up and out of bed, ready for the day. Letting in the natural light in the morning can be a really helpful motivator to get you moving. Springtime can also be a perfect opportunity for you to work out a morning routine which suits you, getting this sorted can stop any stress or any rushing to lectures.

5. Start a new project

Spring is definitely the time for new beginnings and therefore it can be a great time to start something new! Whether it’s a new project, a new book (or even a new TV series), start something brand new and make the most of it.

6. Bring in nature

Bring nature into your home when spring starts! Daffodils are in the shops now for just one pound! Having flowers in your physical space can be a really good pick me up throughout the day, you could also plant flowers outside if you are looking to liven up your student house back garden!

7. Make some summer plans

Spring is the perfect time to check out all the summer holiday deals and get booking. Organising a holiday is a brilliant form of self-care because it can be something to look forward to. Booking and organising holidays does not have to be stressful, you can organise a holiday booking day with your friends or your partner, with snacks and drinks!

8. Drink your water

With spring and eventually summer around the corner, it will hopefully be warm soon and keeping yourself hydrated is important to make sure you are operating at your best capacity! It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day, you can always get your a ‘hydrate mate’ to make sure you are reaching your goal!

9. Set yourself goals!

Setting yourself some goals can be a great form of self-care this spring as they will ultimately give you something to work towards! Maybe write them down and stick them on the wall, therefore you will notice them every morning when you get up, it can be such a good drive for the day ahead of you.

10. Finally, take some time for you

Identify your favourite activities and make sure that you do at least one them every day, whether it’s reading a book outside or catching up with your favourite person, favourite experiences helped to keep you grounded.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.