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Self Care: The First Ten Things to do after finishing exams

Self Care: The First Ten Things to do after finishing exams

self indulge, you’ve earned it!

January is finally winding down, a month which always seems to last a lifetime.

So, this means that your exams are probably over and until you dive back into more uni work, you’re probably looking for a few things to do to unwind.

I know, it can be tempting to simply do nothing as soon as you finish, yet it’s really important to keep moving, have a pamper and most importantly of all celebrate!

Here are ten things that you simply need to do after you have finished your exams.

Tip #1, sort out your work and have a clear out!

Whether it’s piling and filing it away, as you are just far too scared to actually throw it away; or maybe even buying yourself some new notepads, pens and highlighters. A little bit of stationary DIY and clearing out really makes all the difference and can put you in a great state of mind. I tend to file everything up and send it home to the parents! Just in case it’s needed…

Tip #2, don’t set an alarm

After weeks of probably getting up early to start revising, have at least one day after your exams where you don’t set the alarm, get yourself some breakfast in bed and enjoy. It can be a great feeling to just relax for a while without any pressing thing to do.

Tip 3, go and celebrate!

This one is important, whether it’s sitting down with a group of course mates for a run down and some drinks afterwards, having a meal with friends or even calling up a friend you have been missing over the exam period, get together with people and all relax in the knowledge that January exams are over!

Tip #4, read a text that has nothing do with work

This one is also really important! As a history student, I find it hard to read anything other than just history books assigned to me over the exam period. After an exam, indulge is some gossip magazines, some adventure books or even a cheesy autobiography, go on, I won’t tell anyone!

Tip #5, have a pamper!

Looking after yourself in terms of relaxation and self care can really shine through in the form of pampering and it’s definitely something that you can with yourself or relaxing with friends. You can even host a pamper party and get everyone round to relax, or you could simply have a night relaxing on your own, maybe even fill up that bath in the student house that no one really wants to go near…

Tip #6, have a movie day!

Where before your days have been dominated by the idea of work, have a day after your final exam to simply relax in bed and watch some films. Movie days, or Netflix days can help you to catch up on those important shows you’ve been missing!

Tip #7, head home and see your family

This is always a great idea. After exams, it can be comforting to simply book a ticket home to relax and unwind after the stresses of exams. Think about, you’ll get your food cooked for you, permanent central heating and also a bed without a university hall grade mattress! Perfect! You’ll probably have to head on back to university as soon as the family start asking what you’ve got planned after university. Hmm…

Tip #8, organise some summer holidays!

This can be such a great way to indulge after the stress of exams where it’s hard to find the time to sit down and do some holiday research. From booking a few weekends away, planning an inter rail trip or even just doing a little bit of dreaming and indulging in researching some dream holidays- perfect!

Tip #9, take back any books to the library!

Similar to the rather therapeutic feeling of scrapping or filing away your folders, dropping off text books and books at the library can be a great feeling and can really give you a sense of closure! Dump ’em in the library bin!

Tip #10, get some rest, don’t feel guilty, get outside, exercise and refresh yourself!

Finally, get some well earned rest! I know this list can sound like an extensive collection of things to do, honestly if all you feel like doing after your exams is flopping into bed and having a well deserved sleep then just go for it!

Get outside, go for a run and work on de stressing yourself completely from exams, running might also be a brilliant idea due to being locked up inside all day every day revising!

Focus on you. Give yourself a great pat on the back and congratulate yourself on getting through the exam period.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.