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Some romantic breakfast recipes for valentines

Some romantic breakfast recipes for valentines

There’s probably only one day of the year to be a little cheesy and that’s Valentine’s day, so embrace your romantic side and try out a few of these cute breakfast ideas.

Nutella French Toast and Strawberries

This is a relatively easy one to try! It’s simply french toast, yet the bread is sandwiched together with a thick layer of nutella, or any other kind of chocolate spread. Simply let the bread soak in whisked egg and milk, sprinkle with cinnamon and fry in some butter until golden. f you are feeling extra romantic then you can cut the toast into the shape of a heart, but that does seem a little over the top…

Bacon Hearts

Who doesn’t love bacon? Surely bacon means love! This really easy recipe means that you can twist strips of bacon into love hearts before glazing them with maple syrup and serving them up with anything! Surely there is no better way to say ‘I love you’ than with bacon?

Valentine’s Day Egg in a Basket

Yes, everyone has seen this all over instagram and everybody wants to make it. Although the finished result can look a little tricky, making this dish is not that hard at all! Just take a love heart cookie cutter and cut out the middle of a slice of bread, place it to fry in some butter and then break an egg into the middle of the cut out. You can add any other ingredients if you prefer, like bacon or cheese, but to get the love heart to show up clearly, my tip is to just add some seasoning. Serve up you fried love heart egg on toast with various other fry up accompaniments, or if you are feeling healthy, some avocado.

Mini Love Heart Pancakes

This is definitely a recipe for the more culinary challenged students, mainly because this is simply just some preparation and no cooking. All you will need are some strawberries, some ready cooked scotch pancakes, some maple syrup and a love heart cookie cutter. Simply warm up the pancakes and then cut them into love hearts with the cookie cutter. Cut up the strawberries, you can even dip them into chocolate if you are feeling that extra bit fancy, before scattering them with the pancakes and drizzling the whole thing in maple syrup, looks like heaps of effort, isn’t actually any at all! Perfect!

Some saucy strawberry smoothies

If you are looking to serve up your loved one something on the healthier side then some love heart red strawberry smoothies are your best bet. Go for frozen fruit to make sure the smoothie is nice and cold. Blend up some frozen strawberries with bananas and a tea spoon of honey for sweetness, serve with some strawberries scattered on top. You can always make it into a smoothie bowl and add more toppings, or cut the strawberries into love hearts!

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