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How to revise over Christmas (sorry)

How to revise over Christmas (sorry)

Yes, I know, even the thought of having to revise over Christmas is one of genuine sadness and annoyance, yet, there can be a way to work round this issue, to set aside some days for work, whilst prioritising time with friends, family and relaxation.

Here are some top tips for getting work done, yet still enjoying the Christmas holidays, relatively stress free

Tip number one, recognise that you do not have to revise everyday

No one wants to revise on Christmas day, trust me, so start by recognising which days you can revise on, and go from there, that way you can set aside whole days to enjoy with family and friends.

Tip two, make a time table and plan

By ensuring that you have a plan, the nerves will definitely reduce, trust me! Outline what you want to get done each day, maybe ask friends and family about their plans so that you can factor these into your time table, sounds silly, but a perfectly planned agenda means that when you take a break, you know it’s fine, as everything has been taken into consideration.

For me, stationary can be a great help. Make an afternoon out of going to the shops and getting everything you need for revision over the Christmas break, then spend some time organising it all together, make the most of the library printers and get work printed off, resources organised and everything laid out in a clear manner. You will feel so much better for it, you may even be excited to start work…

Tip three, get up early

By getting up early, you can ensure that your work is done early in the day, meaning that you will finish with the rest of the day ahead of you. If you want to head off for some Christmas shopping in the afternoon, get up early and get some work in, this will definitely help to avoid any panic. A great method of working early in the morning is back ground music, try to pick stuff with no lyrics, it can be a great way to reawaken a sleepy mind and get you working and feeling productive.

Tip four, take breaks

Breaks are so essential. Remember to take a break at least every hour, head down to chat to family, put on a Christmas song, go and eat a tasty snack, have a cup of tea by the fire. It is so important to ensure that you taking the time to allow your mind to relax and not overthink, a factor which could inhibit revision substantially.

Tip five, mix it up

Switch up your revision technique to make sure it doesn’t get boring. In stead of not taking notes on your lap top, make large mind maps, posters and reminder notes. You can also revise in different locations, be it the library in town, or simply an alternative room in your house, a change of scene can really reawaken your mind and help you to relax and get working.


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.