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Relationship advice for summer

Relationship advice for summer

Perhaps you are going home for summer, or staying in your uni city leaving your partner behind. Whatever your circumstance, going long distance can be difficult. However I have gathered ten top tips together to help create a happy relationship over summer, even if you are only apart from your significant other for a couple of weeks. That can sometimes feel a long time!

1) Keep in contact. The most important one for keeping a relationship long-distance or when there is distance is communication! No matter what is bothering you or what you are feeling, it is best to let your partner know how you are feeling. Especially as your feelings will likely affect theirs.


2) Arrange chances to meet up. This is a great way to deal with the sadness of being apart from your partner. The more inspiring opportunities you create to meet, the more you will feel happy with something to look forward to!


3) Plan trips together. Similar to #2, if you plan that lovely summer trip to Spain, your long-distance blues are sure to fade away. You can now spend your time preparing for the trip, buying some fancy summer clothes (perhaps from a charity shop, guilt-free!), and researching fun trips to take while you are there.


4) Say good morning every day and random nice messages to improve their day. This is a great pick-me-up on both sides. If you’re having a bit of a grey day, hearing from someone who cares about you can really turn it around. Even if it’s a short and sweet ‘I love you!’


5) Write them a physical old fashioned letter! Why not grab some paper and pen and spill your heart out to your significant other? This can be a fun novelty if you usually spend a lot of time together. Post it out to his family home (with kisses on the envelope) and enjoy the idea that his Mum might see it first!


6) Keep in mind why you are with this person. An eye on the end goal and that you ultimately wish to spend your life together can keep things going when you are separated. If you have lot of time on your hands, you could write a gratitude list of all the qualities you really admire about that person.


7) Hang out with your friends and family. If you experience a bout of the long-distance blues, the best way can sometimes be as simple as finding a distraction. Going to the movies with some friends or catching up after a long break can really ease the pressure of not having that special person around you. See it as an opportunity to grow existing relationships.


8) Keep busy. Similarly to #7, distract yourself with fun activities to keep your mind from always wandering to them. Go to that dance class, start yoga or some evening meditation. You might find a whole new world!


9) Surprise them at the airport, or plan something they will not expect. Making nice plans that even they don’t know about can be a nice way to spend your time. Knowing that you have a secret will make it more exciting when you interact over the phone, too!


10) Go and visit them at their family home or destination half-way. Compromise is nice, why not book a cheap cottage or look up an Air BnB to meet halfway (assuming you are at separate ends of the country)?


Going long-distance or having time apart from your loved one is not easy but hopefully reading these tips has helped you view the situation in a more positive light. Think how amazing it will feel having been through this experience, and finally being able to spend time together!


Holly Smith Editor