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How to plan your budget weekend getaway

How to plan your budget weekend getaway

It’s that time of the year when all you want to really do is get away from it all!

Unfortunately, being either in the final throes of university life or taken up by a job in the week, it can difficult to unwind and really find time to relax, explore and see new places.

Don’t worry! Here at Student Life Guide we have a few suggestions and handy tips for you to book your perfect weekend getaway on a budget!

Tip number one; try to stay in the UK

If you do not really fancy going abroad over the weekend then a great idea is to stay in the UK. If you like the idea of a seaside getaway then places like Cornwall, Blackpool, Brighton and Wales can be the perfect place to head over to! If you are more interested in a city break, then head to Edinburgh, venture to Cardiff for the brilliant night life or even go down to London for a fancy weekend.

Tip number two, try and book early

Please try to book early if you are really interested in saving some money. For example, if you do not need to fly but would love to catch the train, then you will need to get in early in order to really pull down those prices! If you have a rail card then this is always the perfect time to make the most of it, booking early with a rail card can knock off a good amount!

Tip number three, always use an Air BnB

If you would love to save some money and also have a much more relaxed and personal space to enjoy your getaway in, then air BnB are always the best bet when looking into accommodation! The prices can be incredibly low and you can usually get apartments right in the centre of the city! All you have to do is download the app and get searching, make sure you give the seller a quick message before you head off in order to organise where to meet to exchange keys.

Tip number four, head over to sky scanner

If you are looking to bag some cheap flights then the only answer is Sky Scanner! They compare prices from all airline companies, meaning that you can get hold of the cheapest one.

Tip number five, check out YouTube

If you do not like the idea of scrolling through a travel guide, then YouTube can be the best way to really immerse yourself in and learn about your destination before you set off on holiday. Check out some YouTube guides and even some vlogs of people exploring, it can really help you to make a decision and get booking!

Tip number six, do not over pack

Remember that you are only heading off for one weekend, that’s just two days! Try not to over pack in order to avoid excess bags and additional charges! Plus, no one likes to be dragging heavy bags around a city after you’ve checked out, that’s never fun.

Tip number seven, take your own food

You do not need to take food for the whole holiday of course, but if you are looking to save money then a great tip is to avoid buying food on your journey. If you are just travelling in the UK and not catching a flight, then feel free to prepare all your snacks and meals and take them with you, this can be a great idea when on a road trip!

If you are going to be catching a flight, then simple things like eating your breakfast at home and not at the airport can save heaps of money, no one has time for a £18 fry up.

Tip number eight, get on trip adviser!

Get on trip adviser! Come on, you are only going to be away for one weekend, you want to make sure that you are only heading to the best places, right? Before you head out the door for food, drink or fun activities, get online and check out the ratings in the area to avoid any mishaps.

Tip number nine, look for the most affordable cities

A major tip to save money for your weekend getaway is to make sure that you head to off to the cheapest cities!

Although the idea of London or Paris may sound exciting, these cities are rather infamous for their cost. Cheaper cities can range from Budapest to Prague and are definitely worth a look in! Prague has a vibrant and exciting night life whilst Budapest is filled with hot outside baths, bars and restaurants, perfect.

Tip number ten; be prepared to head off at an early time!

One final point to consider when saving money is that you will have to be prepared to catch an early flight! Most cheap flights are at quite awkward times, but remember, the earlier you catch your flight, the more time you will have on holiday! Perfect!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.