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New Year, New Health Kick!

New Year, New Health Kick!

Yes, I know this is all a little bit cheesy, but setting these new health kick rules for 2018 will really help you to get into the swing of things!

Good luck!

Tip number 1, take your vitamins!

Vitamins are so cheap from supermarkets, and even a cheap bottle of multivitamins will give you a new year boost!
Once you have remembered to take them everyday you will definitely start to feel the benefits! Chew-able vitamin C is a also a great alternative if you do not like swallowing tablets, you can also get brands such as berocca to have each morning for that vitamin rich boost!

Tip number 2, try and get at least half an hour of exercise every day!

Whether it’s walking to university or work, going on a bike ride, run or heading to the gym, try and get in at least half an hour of exercise a day, it’s a great way to get you into the swing of feeling active in the new year.

Tip number 3, drink some water!

Your average grown person needs at least two litres of water a day in order to keep your body refreshed and healthy! Sip it slowly in order to keep your body refreshed all day. There are lots of bottles on eBay catered to encouraging you to remember to drink throughout the day. Drinking water keeps you hydrated, helps with brain function, removes excess oil from the skin to decrease spots, speeds up your metabolism and fights off headaches!

Tip number 4, get a skincare routine!

This one may seem a little strange, but the new year is a great time to get yourself into some set routines. by investing in a skin care routine, you can make sure that you are dedicating evenings and mornings into keeping your skin clean, refreshed and youthful! I definitely found that slipping into a skin care routine helped me to time manage!

Tip number 5, set a bed time!

Sleep is incredibly important and really nailing a good night’s sleep can set you on the road to a wholesome 2018! Start slowly, progressing towards a set bed time, listen to your body and get up at a reasonable time. Eventually, your body will learn what time to fall asleep and when to wake up, from there, it’s just maintaining this balance.

Tip number 6, moisturise!

Winter can have a really damaging effect on your skin, so it’s important to get into the routine of moisturising night and day. Nivea daily essentials is great for this, also it’s only two pounds! Perfect for a student budget.

Tip number 7, do yoga!

Yoga in the morning can be a great way to awaken your body and mind, there are plenty of YouTube videos and apps which are all free and easy to download, give them a try!

Tip number 8, meal plan!

Start the year off right and get your weekly meals planned! By knowing what food you have on each day, you can make sure that you save money on the food shop, by not buying stuff you do not need, you can also research what goes into your food and make sure everything is healthy and wholesome, it’s a great way to feel in charge and in control for the new year.

Tip number 9, relax!

Remember to relax! Although the list above may seem a little bit exhausting, it’s important to remember that you need to find time to relax, whack on your favourite TV show, grab your favourite food and relax.

Tip number 10, keep going!

Remember to keep going! Starting new routines can be challenging at first, yet by sticking at them, you will eventually fall into the routine, and suddenly taking vitamins won’t seem like such a chore!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.