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New Survey Suggests Students Spend Only £6 A Week on Alcohol

New Survey Suggests Students Spend Only £6  A Week on Alcohol

NatWest have just released their Student Living Index for 2016. After questioning 2,500 various students from 25 cities across the country, they found some pretty shocking statistics, including the average amount that a student spends on alcohol is only £6.85 a week.  That can’t be right, surely?

The main aim of the survey is to establish which cities are the most cost-effective for students. Taking in a range of factors including price of accommodation, bills and weekly income, the survey came to the conclusion that Edinburgh is the most expensive city to live in the UK, while Portsmouth is the most cost-effective.

London, surprisingly, is only the 7th most expensive city, with students from Plymouth and Sheffield claiming that life is more expensive for them.


York is the most social city

The average York student spends on average 12 hours a week socialising, while students from Belfast and Oxford spend less than 7 hours a week with friends. Odd. Is the survey trying to make parents believe that students stay in most nights and actually study?

The survey actually did comment upon the amount of time students spend studying. Students at Cambridge reportedly spent almost 50 hours a week in their books, while Leicester students spend a mere 24 and a half hours in the library.

Whether this incorporates contact hours is unknown. It seems that NatWest only asked the question “How many hours a week do you spend on academic study.” But with only a maximal 12 hours of socialising, what are these students who were interviewed actually doing with their free time?


Birmingham students drink the least

No surprises with the country’s biggest drinkers; Newcastle tops the chart yet again with the weekly average of just over £9 spent on alcohol. Followed closely by Glasgow and Reading, the amount of money actually spent on alcohol seems shamefully small. At the cost of just 2 or 3 pints a week, this surely cannot be a true representation of student drinking?

It’s the students from Birmingham who lead with the least amount spent on alcohol with a staggeringly minimal £4.12 a week. That’s not even the price of a pint at some places.

Here’s the breakdown of (supposedly) the amount we spend on alcohol each week:

graph_student_expenditure_alcoholThe UK average comes out at £6.85 a week; almost halving the amount spent last year.  Going out has also taken a down turn, with Cardiff students only spending £4.69 on nights out for the week.

Are students just boring?

Other statistics to be found include the average a student spends on groceries – £19.87, that students in Manchester and Belfast work more in part-time jobs, and that gaming is the hobby that students spend the most on.

With little social lives, minimal studying (unless at Oxbridge) and insignificant amounts spent on alcohol and going out. What’s happened to today’s students?

Oh that’s right. Pokemon.

Holly Smith Editor