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Moving into Your Halls of Residence: How to Prepare

Moving into Your Halls of Residence: How to Prepare

So, you’re all set, you’ve got the approval and you know which halls of residence you will be moving into. Before you jump in the car and set off for some fresher’s fun, read this article for some top tips and bits of advice for moving into accommodation for the first time.


Familiarise Yourself

It may be convenient to research your halls. Although you do know about them as you applied to stay there in the first place, remind yourself of the most important information. For example, check the kitchen facilities, look at images of your bedroom, remind yourself whether you are self-catered or catered; find out about the laundry services on offer.

Does it have a library? Is there a pub nearby? Where is the closest bus stop? Finding out this key information will really help you on move in day, as although there will be people there to assist you, it’s always handy to be prepared.


Packing: be organised!

Nail the Essentials!

Moving away from home means that you need things which before you started packing seemed boring. Yes, I’m talking about essentials such as detergent, washing up liquid, cutlery, bowls, plates, drying racks, irons (if you can be bothered with that), duvet, pillows, bathroom toiletries.
The list goes on! Visit this site here for more ideas on your essentials.


Keep it clean

Many halls of residence will have cleaners that visit each week, yet you are still expected to do some work also! Stocking up on a few cleaning essentials will mean that you can keep a clean and happy environment to live in.


Making Friends

A good thing to do before moving into your halls is join the Facebook group set up for your accommodation. Here you can chat to people that are also moving into the same halls. Meeting people before moving in day can really help to reduce the stress of the experience, as knowing that you will recognise people on arrival will calm some of the nerves.

You always must remember that everyone is in the same position as you! Everyone wants to make friends and be nice to each other. The best way to experience your first few days in your new halls of residence is to experience group night outs with everyone. Get to know where everyone is from, some halls of residence offer t shirts when you arrive which you can write your name and where you are from onto. A great conversation starter!

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone is the same and that you may not click with everyone in your halls, this is okay! It’s natural to meet an overwhelming amount of people in freshers that soon reduce out into a closer group of friends.


Lack of Privacy?

Be prepared to be surrounded by people pretty much 24/7, as most halls of residence have communal bathrooms. This means that you will need to ensure that you keep a firm hold of your toiletries and that you wear flip flops in the showers.

This lack of privacy may also extend to your room being dubbed as the living quarters in the evening, as at least always one room is seemingly rented out to everyone on the corridor.

Fridge raiders are also a key feature of halls of residence to prepare yourself for. Make sure you bag up all your fridge items and label them, in order to deter the thieves.


Dealing with Noisy Neighbours

Everyone is different in student halls; therefore, everyone will have different sleeping habits. It may be wise to invest in some ear plugs, to simply join the party, or you can always phone the accommodation service.
Note that during exam periods halls of residence usually have a curfew for noise.


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