Home Lifestyle How many of the UK’s best bars have you been to?

How many of the UK’s best bars have you been to?

How many of the UK’s best bars have you been to?

So you think you think you’re a man about the town and has surely frequented all of the UK’s best bars? See for yourself…

1) London: Bounce


This bar in Holborn has a unique twist: ping-pong tables! London is full of over-priced and overly-sophisticated venues, but not Bounce. Allegedly, this bar is the very spot in which the game was invited. If you’re looking for some competitive entertainment as well as a classic alcoholic beverage, Bounce will be right up your street.

2) London: Queen of Hoxton


The Queen of Hoxton is one of Shoreditch’s quirkiest bars and clubs. You will have probably seen black and white edgy pictures from their popular photo-booth! The most impressive part by far is their huge rooftop, overlooking London’s city district. In summer, this rooftop transforms into a sunny terrace with deckchairs, BBQ’s and cocktails. In winter, a giant wigwam is installed where they serve up mulled wine and festive feasts. Equally, keep an eye out for their regular outdoor film screenings!

3) Manchester: Alberts Schloss

If it’s Barvarian-style beer you’re looking for, searching no further. Just beneath the Albert Hall sits a bar with all the comforts of a proper German beer hall such as open fireplaces and impressive wood furniture. This isn’t your ordinary BierKeller style venue. Alberts Schloss combines a traditional German spirit with an element of class. Look out for their famous “Après-ski” nights and try their mouth watering pizza if you can.

4) Leeds: Belgrave Music Hall

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Another venue that houses an impressive rooftop is the Belgrave Music Hall tucked away in the city centre. The Belgrave hosts some great bands and has some top-notch food outlets inside. It gains its hipster vibe from the events it holds such as the Morning Gloryville Rave which is a sober morning rave with yoga and massages!

 5) Newcastle upon Tyne: Pleased to Meet You


This gordie bar is specialists in gin, craft beer and cocktails. It has a rustic décor and a chilled out atmosphere that will make you want to drink G and T’s all evening.

6) Liverpool: Heebie Jeebies

This joint is always lively, packed with Liverpudlian spirit and a whole lot of drunkards. If you go earlier on in the evening you can grab a more chilled drink, but be warned, the atmosphere quickly turns into a mad one.

7) Bristol: Hyde &Co

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Prohibition style cocktail bars are all the range nowadays and this one in Bristol does not disappoint. It has a candle-lit gentleman’s club or speakeasy atmosphere. The Hyde & Co is the older sister of Bristol’s new addition to the Prohibition scene, The Milk Thistle, which is also worth checking out.

8) Nottingham: Coco Tang

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Coco Tang is easily missile from street view, with just a single dingy door opening and one doorman. Inside, however, you walk into an Asian themed cocktail bar which is booming with lively students.

9) Birmingham: Jekyll & Hyde

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More than 80 types of gin are served at this venue, what more can be said? It has a dark and warming décor that is so dangerously comfortable that you can easily loose track of time.

10) Sheffield: The Great Gatsby 

The Great Gatsby is home to the most swinging parties in Sheffield. It’s immense liquor range will keep you partying in its out door beer-garden all evening. An added bonus, they cook up some incredible Mexican food!

11) York: Pivní

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Slightly quainter than the bars listed above, Pivní is a 2-storey craft beer house in a 16th century townhouse. Set in the heart of historic York, it’s a must for anyone visiting the city and looking to get pissed in a more cultured atmosphere.

12) Brighton – The Tempest Inn


This seafront bar has a great atmosphere with a quirky cavern interior. Surprisingly, drinks are very reasonably priced and they host all sorts of evenings from open mic nights to cider festivals.

13) Oxford: The Varisty Club

At The Varity Club you can sip back an ice cold cocktail whilst marvelling over some of the best views of the historic city. This comes at a price, as drinks are fairly expensive, but it’s definitely a place where you can impress your friends.

14) Cardiff: Lab 22

There is no surprise why this venue is Cardiff is so popular: it offers chilled vibes, great cocktails which extremely plush interiors.

15) Edinburgh: The Devil’s Advocate

It’s worth getting lost in Edinburgh’s cobbled and narrow streets to find this medieval Scottish bar. With a whisky selection vast enough to provide for the entirety of Scotland, don’t try and nip out for “just one drink” at this venue.


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