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How to Make Money from Home

How to Make Money from Home

University is a constant battle between meeting coursework deadlines, attending lectures, getting sleep and earning money. You can choose one, two at a push. Only a student with super powers can have it all. Most of us don’t have the time to fit a part time job into our schedules, so we sacrifice our bank accounts. But with these helpful websites and handy tricks, you could start earning from the comfort of your computer.



Whether you have a way with words or a designer’s eye, freelancing is the perfect way to utilise your talent. On Freelancer or Upwork employers will put up ads for the types of worker they need. If your skills match their requirements you can make a pitch for the job. There are also websites, such as StudentGems which post job offers solely for students. 

If writing’s your thing, it’s worth trying your hand at pitching articles or blog posts. Papers like The Guardian and Huffington Post, as well as smaller sites, have instructions for pitches on their contact pages.

Selling old stuff


If you’re short for cash, selling on your old clothes, books, DVDs, electricals and furniture that you’d usually recycle or give to charity is one of the best ways to earn a little extra. Gumtree, Shpock, eBay, WeBuyBooks, Ziffit, and CeX are just some of the great apps out there to help you sell or exchange your old stuff. Now with Facebook’s new Marketplace feature you can also sell things on the go with your phone!  


Completing questionnaires


Sites like OpinionPanel and OpinionOutpost source surveys for you to complete. Unless you’re found ineligible – for example, if you don’t drive and the survey is about car insurance – you will earn points for completing the survey which translate into money in your account, or vouchers to spend in other stores.




“Get paid for your opinion” by signing up for Slicethepie. Write short, 50 word reviews of song clips or clothing, give them a star rating, and get paid! Each review is worth around $0.08, but because they’re so quick to write your balance soon rises. Discovering great new bands and clothing brands is just a bonus!


Product testing


Earn money just for trying out toothpaste or clicking a website by becoming a product tester. Toluna is the most popular example: you’ll be sent test products and be paid for your honest reviews. UserTesting takes the same concept but involves reviewing websites instead, and downloading FeaturePoints and trying out the apps they list for a few minutes lets you earn points which can be exchanged for Amazon or other store vouchers.




Qmee is undoubtedly the easiest way to earn. Simply download the browser extension and carry on browsing the internet the way you usually do. The Qmee sidebar will appear on the corner of your screen with suggestions similar to the pages you searched for. Simply click these to start saving the pennies.



Cashback sites help you save money on anything from shoes, food and gifts to flights, insurance and broadband. Topcashback is the most reliable and well-paying site, with offers on almost every brand you could think of. Quidco and Getpaidto are great alternatives: if one site doesn’t offer cashback on a particular product, it’s always good to check somewhere else before paying full price. Regular users can end up saving hundreds of pounds over a couple of years.

Holly Smith Editor