Home Lifestyle Macbooks are taking over universities and here’s why:

Macbooks are taking over universities and here’s why:

Macbooks are taking over universities and here’s why:

If you don’t have a MacBook, do you even go to uni?

If I had a pound for every person with a MacBook in a lecture theatre, my student debt would look a lot less frightening. Having a MacBook at uni is the equivalent of having a student card – it’s a right of passage.

Looking around in the library, your average person is procrastinating on their iPhone with their iPad on their lap and their MacBooks positioned neatly on their desk. People whip them out during lectures when they’re only on 10% battery but somehow, they manage to survive the whole hour. Then they slip them back into their backpacks with no fuss at all, fitting like a glove into their padded cases like a mother protecting its new-born. Then there are those fools who walk off from their laptops unattended in the library – would you leave a £1500 wad of cash on the table to go for a fag break?

But what’s the crack? Surely it’s not just student discount that lures people into the Apple world.


It seems to me that a MacBook isn’t just functional, it’s psychological. MacBook owners immediately look like they have their life intact. Despite the fact you’re seriously hungover and confused in a lecture, you instantaneously look professional and studious. In actual fact you’re browsing through Facebook, but no one would ever suspect a thing from that glossy laptop case. Even if you’re making scruffy notes by hand, having your MacBook beside you is like having your best friend wingmaning you in a club.

How did you afford one in the first place? You’ve probably told your parents that you need special software for your course that only run on Mac. But realistically, you study history, you only need Microsoft word.

My new Macbook Air

The issue is, however, once you’ve entered the world of Apple, there is no going back. I can understand the mind set – I’ve already got an iPhone so I may as well get every other Apple product ever created. Students without MacBooks seem to be in a moral dilemma. Alex from Birmingham, the owner of a standard Acer laptop, says she feels “socially excluded” at university. She says that non-Mac owners “stand out in lectures.” “It’s just not as acceptable as to get out my clunky black laptop. Also, no one wants to do group projects on my laptop because they’re worried it’ll crash spontaneously.” And then there are those that are so anti-Mac it hurts. “They’re so confusing”, “Where is the right click button?” I hear them complain. Instead, they should be moaning about their back ache from their mammoth laptops.

Got a MacBook for work after being PC for 29 years

Apple will always be the marmite of the technology world. But let’s just accept that they’re pretty sleek.


Holly Smith Editor