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Look After Yourself this Fresher’s Week

Look After Yourself this Fresher’s Week

Freshers can be a bit of a whirlwind, emotionally and physically. From being horrifically ill with Fresher’s flu and still finding yourself in a club, to having random outbursts of fear and homesickness, it’s an emotional roller coaster. It can be fun, exciting, terrifying, overwhelming, exhausting, exhilarating, the list of oxymoron’s goes on…

Despite all these mixed messages, the most important person in freshers is you, your health and your well being. Follow these handy bits of advice to stay safe, happy and as healthy as you can be in Fresher’s week 2017.

Drink Water

A hangover is basically your body being very, very dehydrated, so the best way to combat this is to drink water. It might be a good idea to get yourself a sport’s bottle when doing your uni shop, take it in your bag, have it in your uni room, and keep yourself hydrated! You will notice the difference if you are not, trust me, focus on getting yourself feeling good.

Get good, hot meals

Another hangover cure, cooking yourself good, hot meals will set you up for the year ahead, they will also make you feel energised and healthy. You can go on a shop with your new uni mates and also cook with them to get to know them more.

Stay together

Never let yourself be on your own on a night out with your university friends in freshers. If you are relatively new to going on nights out or clubbing, then sticking with people during the night will help the nerves and will ensure that you get home safe. Get the bus with your friends and always let people know where you are going if you leave early.

Don’t feel pressured on nights out

Although freshers is heavily based on drinking culture, if this just isn’t you, don’t feel pressured into drinking. Join your friends in the day for fresher’s fairs, or sit and chat with them before they go out, not drinking doesn’t mean that you can’t still get involved. You can also go on nights out without drinking, it’s no big deal.


All universities offer advice services, from simply getting around the university through to nightline advice, to deal with the stresses of freshers or anything else you may be struggling with at the time. They are free, confidential and non judgmental and may be a great way to get things off your chest.


Depression and anxiety are at an all time high at university. At times, the whirlwind of freshers is extremely exciting, yet there can be moments when you are alone, missing home, upset, or a variety of other things. Take some time to relax, have a nap to stop the panic, feeling rested and relaxed will help to relieve any pressure. Another great tip is to phone home! Chatting to your parents will help to calm any nerves, this always helped me. Next, go and chat to your university floor! Make a cup of tea and sit down with them or go for a walk. You could also go to a freshers fair, or read. Small things like this can fill the downtime in fresher’s week.


You’re going to get it. The best thing to do is to register with your local doctor. Although the majority of fresher’s flu sufferers are usually just sent home with some paracetamol and chest syrup, it’s always good to be registered if anything serious arises, this way you can get an appointment quickly.


Sometimes, listen to your body and recognise that you need rest. Getting a good sleep, water, food, maybe even going for a walk or having a facemask will help you to focus on yourself and look after yourself. Although the pull of freshers is strong, if you go out every night then you will slowly start to no longer enjoy yourself due to sheer exhaustion, take a break, have a breather and weigh up which events you want to go to, and which ones you simply can’t do. If other people in your flat would like a night off too, then host a movie night with some snacks, that way you won’t be sitting in your room alone, you’ll still be socialising but you’ll be relaxed and resting.

Enjoy yourself this fresher’s week and stay safe!

Here are some handy websites for first time students, sites for self-care, medical advice and safety advice.

Some tips on self care and pampering https://paindoctor.com/the-importance-of-self-care-why-you-should-pamper-yourself/

Staying Safe on a night out https://www.safeline.org.uk/how-to-stay-safe-on-nights-out-at-university/

NHS advice on hangover cures http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/alcohol/Pages/Hangovers.aspx

How to register with a doctor and GP services in the UK http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/AboutNHSservices/doctors/Pages/NHSGPs.aspx

The Nightline Association https://www.nightline.ac.uk/

How to avoid losing your phone on a night out https://mobile.asda.com/news/how-to-not-lose-your-phone-on-a-night-out


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.