Home Lifestyle Life beyond Love Island: Gabby Allen spills all about what really goes on behind the lens…

Life beyond Love Island: Gabby Allen spills all about what really goes on behind the lens…

Life beyond Love Island: Gabby Allen spills all about what really goes on behind the lens…

The summer of 2017 was infamous for Glasto, Despacito and, of course, Love Island. The show captured the hearts of Brits across the country, taking the nation by storm. We spoke to everyone’s favourite islander, Gabby Allen, about what really went on behind closed doors…

I suppose being in the Love Island villa is something like university, right? Having to live with strangers, learning about yourself, and finding love of course! Were you nervous when you first entered the villa?

I was quite nervous! I wasn’t so much nervous about meeting new people, but more about learning to live with people who you wouldn’t normally find yourself living with. I.E. 7 random boys! 


Did any of your friends or family know beforehand, or was it a complete secret?

I had told my mum, brother, 2 housemates and my best friend as I couldn’t just disappear off the face of the earth one day! There’d have been a missing persons alert put out!


Did you get homesick? If so, did you ever consider leaving?

I don’t tend to get homesick as I’ve spent the majority of the past few years traveling a lot.  However, being in such a confined space in the villa and without any contact with the outside world, I did find myself pining to speak to my loved ones.


Living with strangers is a lot like living at uni  – what was it like? Did you all get on/fall out at all? What did you find most challenging?

It teaches you a lot about others, and yourself! I learned that I have a lot of patience.  And although being an over-thinker can cause you troubles at times, it sometimes served me well to think about things a lot before acting on them! I did have a lot of free time to think! I also learned that some people don’t know how to clean up after themselves! All in all, though, we all did get on well considering the time spent together.


Being a professionally-trained dancer and fitness instructor, you obviously follow a healthy lifestyle – what are your favourite healthy meals that are easy to make? 

Eggs! There are so many ways to cook them and they’re cheap for students! However, make sure you get free range! Also, fajitas! so easy with fresh veg and chicken with some spices and very communal!  Bond over Mexican!


Was everyone tidy, or were there the usual messy culprits? And did housemates ever play any pranks on each other?

There were pranks every day!! The girls used to sneak up on the boys and cover them in shaving foam- even after they’d all had their hair freshly faded! We’d all then get shouted at and have to clean up the mess…


Were you ever able to forget that the cameras were there?

The cameras were very prominent so I found it hard to fully ignore them. Especially when you hear a cameraman sneeze!


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to apply for the show?

Be yourself! Tell the truth! Give them your funny stories and party tricks.  They want personality!


Why did you apply? And why Love Island and not other reality TV shows?

Who doesn’t want to spend 2 months in the sun surrounded by hot people? Love island is one of more glamorous, classier shows.  I don’t think I can see myself on X on the beach. I’m too laid back.


Who was your favorite housemate and why?

Marce, obviously! Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to cope! He was just my rock. 


Can you tell us anything we never saw on TV that would surprise people?

We did used to eat! Even though they didn’t show it! We were catered for everyday! Nothing fancy though. Mainly non-spiced chicken and wedges! so long my abs!


What was it like coming back into the real life after being on Love Island?

The weirdest thing for me is my change in daily schedule.  I used to teach for up to 10 hours a day and had daily structure.  Now, every day is different. Also, I can’t even nip the shop for a pint of milk without someone noticing. I opt for a cap often as its so much effort putting makeup on every day!


Finally, what three pieces of advice would you give to university students?

Be patient.  We have all been raised differently, have different morals and expectations of people.  It might take some people longer than others to adapt to their new life.

Be considerate.  If you’re living in a flat-share, leave the communal space how you’d lie to find it.  Do as you lie with your room!

Work hard, play hard! Make sure you put your everything into your studies.  I promise it’ll pay off in the end.  Then also make sure you reward yourself with a drink at the weekend as uni time may be the best time of your life! But! Everything in moderation. Be safe!