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Last minute DIY Halloween ideas

Last minute DIY Halloween ideas

Okay, so we have all been there. You have been asked out for a Halloween party and you are now currently sitting in your room racking your brains on what on earth you can wear. Never fear! Here at Student Life Guide we care, that’s why we’ve got some last minute D.I.Y outfit ideas for all your last minute needs!

Easy fake blood that doesn’t stain!

If the supermarket is completely wiped out, fake blood wise, then never fear. It’s actually really easy to make some for yourself at home. You will need, red food colouring, this is only about one pound, plain flour, any kind of syrup and water. Measure out 240 ml of water and add one tablespoon of flour. Mix well until the flour is dissolved and put the pan on the heat, bring to the boil, then turn down and simmer for half an hour. Add red food coloring when it is done, you can decide on the amount- the more you put in the darker it goes! Let it cool for a great fake blood affect, it can go lumpy sometimes but this is a plus because it looks even more gory!

Talcum powder!

If you are looking for a budget idea to make you appear dead and ghostly, then talcum powder works wonders! Basically, just douse yourself in the stuff! You might want to add some dark eye shadow for that withered and hollow effect. Nice…

Eye liner!

Getting a cheap eye liner can be a saviour when desperately trying to do Halloween makeup. Outline your eyes and put on some heavy, dark eye shadow or draw some gory stitches across your chest, arms and face. You can add some fake blood to these scars and marks.

Lip stick!

A based layer of red lip stick can be a great way to ensure that the fake blood doesn’t stain your skin. Rub it over where you want the blood to be before dabbing on the blood, make sure you do this within plenty of time so that it is dry when you leave for your party, it’s actually really easy to take off because it peels off easily after a few hours!

Old t shirts

An oldie but a goodie! Take an old t shirt and rip it up a little, then go in with the fake blood and create the classic last minute zombie effect. I know everyone does it but come on- it works doesn’t it and it usually looks pretty good! Just keep adding all that fake blood to make sure you look like an actual zombie, we are not doing any of this half people, full participation!

Go ironic

If you want to cause a few laughs then these are great ideas, how about going as a cereal killer? Just strap on a cereal box covered in blood for this comedic affect. Other ideas are based around classics such as the lidl mermaid, hmm

Unleash the beast and go for the classic animal outfits

You know what I mean, mice, cats, tigers, lions, the list goes on, just draw on some whiskers and ears and you are all set. I know, it’s all a little basic and ‘Mean Girls’ but if there is nothing else to do, no one is judging we promise.

The Devil

All you need for this one is a red outfit and some body paint, or fake blood! You can maybe get some cheap, last minute devil horns for your outfit, but if not there are plenty of craft ideas online for you to discover and to give them a go!


The classic, cover yourself in toilet roll and party away! You may want to add some fake blood to make it gory, dark eye makeup is also a great idea to make your eyes seem deeper into the mask.

The Skeleton

This requires quite a lot of make up initiative, but don’t let this put you off because it i actually quite easy and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to guide you through! You will need a base white layer, you can do this through talcum powder or face paint. All that’s left to do then is to draw on the skeleton face with a soft black eye liner.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.