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Is THIS The Most Embarrassing Student Video Of All Time?

Is THIS The Most Embarrassing Student Video Of All Time?

When it comes to recruiting new students, universities often have to get creative. There are now more higher education institutes than ever before, which means that each uni has to go above and beyond to get people to choose theirs.

In recent years, many of these places have found luck with viral video campaigns. While we’ve all seen our fair share of backwards music videos and flash mobs, there are times when things can go oh-so-wrong. After all, what some might call an epic promo videos, others will find utterly cheesy and bizarre.

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So, what happens when you give students a video camera and let them run wild? Well, the short answer is that they embarrass themselves in the best way possible. Recently, some of the students at Loughborough University made this promotional video for their students’ union – LSU.

Of course, from the moment the intro music kicks in, you already know that this is going to be beautifully awful. While the students get in formation for their terrible dance routine, it’s quite clear to see where things are headed.

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To the tune of Naughty Boy’s La La La, the students begin to sing a song. Rather cleverly, though, they have changed the words to the song. They must be the first people in history to have done that, right?

We’re pretty sure that these students are going to look back on this one day and regret their actions. After all, when you put things up online they NEVER go away. Ten years from now, when these guys are married with kids, this video will still be floating around. Now that’s seriously awkward.

Here for your pleasure is the shameful video itself:

Holly Smith Editor