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I’m dreaming of a Vegetarian Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Vegetarian Christmas

Merry Vegetarian Christmas!

Let’s be honest, Christmas is for the carnivores, and I’m setting out on a mission to change this, or at least to make Christmas vegetarian food taste nice.

Here are some handy, delicious recipes for you to try, from some delicious vegetarian snacks to ideas for a full, Christmas meal, nut roast and all.


Right, let’s look at some tasty vegetarian snacks to have this Christmas, these can be great for laying out a spread at a Christmas party, or for picking at in the evening after you’ve indulged on the Christmas lunch.

Cheese and Onion Rolls

This is a classic take on sausage rolls- for vegetarians, however, they are still packed full of flavour and really delicious! You can buy your flaky pastry pre made, so the actual making is relatively easy, you can whip them up quick before a party, or simply as a snack to have alongside lunch. I think these are great buffet food, maybe on Christmas eve!

Roasted gnocchi, sun dried tomato and olive stacks

Gnocchi really can make the perfect base for a range of delicious canapes, these small snacks pack a flavour punch through sun dried tomatoes and salty olives; they are relatively simple to put together and make great finger food at a Christmas party.

Goat’s cheese and onion pastries

A hearty short crust base provides the crunch for this dish, set against the soft gooey centre of the roasted goats cheese and the sweet tang of onion, these are great if you want to make food look very fancy, when in fact it was really simple to put together, still delicious!

Squash and Blue Cheese Wellington

A spin on the classic Beef Wellington, this dish is brilliant to have in the freezer ready for guests to enjoy. Hearty and filling, it’s a great replacement for the traditional beef dish.

So, let’s move on to the main event, the Christmas meal! If you are going to be cooking an entirely veggie meal this year, then follow these recipe ideas, for a plate full of tasty goodness!

 Nut Roast

Nothing says vegetarian like nut roast. Sadly, this famous dish has got a lot of bad rep in the past, so hopefully I can pull it back into the limelight. This nut roast is wonderful, made with lentils, chestnuts (christmassy) and cheese, it really compliments all the other festive trimmings and can be made in a large batch to feed everyone at the meal. Nut roast: don’t slate it til you’ve ate it.

 Fruity Stuffing

This is a classic, much more exciting twist on the traditional packet stuffing which is rarely vegetarian and consists of mostly freeze dried ingredients. This fresh stuffing is absolutely packed with cranberries, clementines, apples, almonds and figs, it’s a real treat and is not dry at all, no more crumbly stuffing!

Honey roasted parsnips and buttered baby carrots

Buttered baby carrots are the perfect, sweet accompaniment for your Christmas meal, you can’t beat them really. The basic recipe is also quite open to interpretation, so add whichever ingredients you fancy! Honey roasted parsnips have always been my absolute favourite, the trick is to char the honey slightly, be careful not to burn them however! They go very solid if you do…

Charred brussel sprouts with marmite butter

Yes, I know that this sounds like a slightly nightmarish combination, with all the stuff about marmite being a love or hate thing, but honestly, these work really, really well. By charring the sprouts you add heaps more flavour and texture, as opposed to the mushy mesh which is usually placed in from of you at Christmas time, whilst the marmite gives a really nutty flavour and mimics bacon.

Quorn Pigs in Blankets

These are a little DIY, for these you will need a pack of Quorn cocktail sausages and a pack of Ouorn bacon. In my opinion, Quorn cocktail sausages taste the same as normal meat ones, the bacon can be a little bit of an acquired taste, but give it a go, you might like it, these ones are brushed with chilli sauce, but of course if they are with your roast dinner, you can always leave this part out.


This gravy is actually vegan, but after trying this recipe, by Jamie Oliver, I was hooked. This gravy is so tasty and full of flavour, it really does taste like the real thing and it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

+all the vegetable trimmings, such as potatoes!

Merry Vegetarian Christmas!


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.