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How to write a first class essay

How to write a first class essay

Writing an essay can be an onerous task at times. I have compiled a list of a few tips on how to write a first class essay. Finding the motivation can be difficult, but once you do, the rest will be easy. Start by getting passionate about your topic, finding the gems in the subject area that interest you. Grab a jotter and start following these tips!

1) Time

To write a good essay takes time. So plan accordingly. You may have to cancel some social events in favour of writing your essay.


2) Planning

If you have followed step 1, this one should be easy. Make a plan of what you will write in your essay. Be that in the form of mind-maps or a bullet-point list.


3) Structure

Once you have gathered your ideas, you can then begin to form a structure. Organise your thoughts into sections, with each theme outlined and numbered.


4) Good research

This is important for making your essay stand out and achieve the high marks. Have some interesting sources, primary and secondary. Visit the library, attend talks and do all you can to have your topic well-researched before you begin.


5) Good food

This accompanies any form of productivity. If you aren’t eating well, you will not have the energy to work well. BBC Good Food do some fantastic recipes to get you started.


6) Exercise

Similar to step 4, you need to get the blood racing around your body in order to be productive. Even if it’s just twenty minutes, go for a quick run, and then sit down at your desk. See how much difference it makes to your essay.


7) Talk it through

This is a good one for organising your ideas. If you can talk about them, the chances are you will be able to write about them. Housemates, family, friends, whoever is around you, explain to them what your essay is about and the ideas you wish to express. The chances are that if you are passionate about your topic, they will be inspired too!


8) Find a silent place to work

This is important if you want to write a kick ass essay. Get some space and start thinking properly about how you will write your essay. Start writing in a quiet space as this will aid good concentration. You will get a lot done, and there will be lots of chance to socialise and reward yourself for your hard work afterwards.


9) Proofread

For any good essay it needs to be read over a few times. Once you have finished, read through your essay for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. These tips on the writer’s handbook are really useful for helping to proofread your work.


10) Re-draft

Allow time for this in the planning stages of your essay. It will make your essay s much better if you give time to re-draft it. Read through the whole thing and edit a few times before you call it your final copy.


11) Get feedback

This will help to keep you on the right track. Check in with your lecturer or tutor for feedback on the way you are writing your essay, on the content you will use and the titles. They won’t be able to give you too much information, but usually their feedback is very useful, especially as they are experts on the topic.


12) Good references

Make sure your essay is properly referenced. See this helpful guide to Harvard referencing for more information. This will make your essay so much better, and pick up easy marks.

Good luck. Go get yourself a first!


Holly Smith Editor