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How to throw the ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

How to throw the ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

Bring in 2018 with style!

New Year’s Eve holds it’s place throughout the world as a time for celebration and nostalgia, looking back at the year just spent, and contemplating how the next one will be better, and what it will bring.

It is also a time for fun, drinking and of course, parties! Here are some top ideas for hosting a fantastic New Year’s Eve party this year, so you can bring in the new year with style.

Step number one, get the food sorted!

There are plenty of ways you can go about organising food for your party. If you are a student, and therefore a little strapped for cash, then asking your guests to bring a dish can be a great way of providing variety and quantity at the festivities.

If you are looking into organising the food yourself, then maybe a theme would help. For example, you can have only Indian food, or maybe lots of Chinese food in form of finger/party dishes.

Another great way to sort food would be to have a main meal, for example, hot pork baps are brilliant as you can buy in the meat, and maybe get people to bring added extras, such as baps, stuffing and gravy.

Any way you do it, chances are that people will be happy with whatever graces the table, with most attention being on alcohol, bringing us onto our next step.

Step number two, sort out the booze!

New Year’s Eve is definitely a time for celebration and drinking! A great way to go about sorting out alcohol is to opt for punch bowls, which you can place around the venue.

Here are some brilliant punch bowl ideas, from fruit mock tails through to large bowls of mojitos, remember, you can always add festive extras, such as edible glitter or tinsel straws!

Mojito Punch Bowl

This is a great recipe for large mojito pitchers which you can make before placing around the party. They are great served with ice and a little bit of brown sugar at the bottom of each glass!

Mock tail punch bowls!

This site do some brilliant mock tail ideas, which you can decant into large jugs and have readily available for the designated drivers of the night!

Prosecco Punch

What is not to love? Jamie Oliver creates a gorgeous prosecco punch, meaning that you can make a bottle go further on the night!

Step number three, perfect that music!

It’s really simple to sort out some music for your party, and you can do it with relatively no cost at all. All you will need is a lap top or phone, and a streaming app such as spotify or YouTube, or even simply iTunes.

Create your playlist, and place the whole set on shuffle, make sure you find some speakers to plug it into! There you go!- little reason to spend money on a DJ when shuffle play always saves the day!

Step number four, plan some party games!

Party games, no matter what age everyone is, are always a great way to get everybody involved and feeling the party spirit.

Here are some simple ideas for sorting out some party games for everyone, from musical chairs through to charades!

Two Resolutions and a Lie

This involves each guest presenting three statements, all resolutions. One is a lie, and the others are true, everyone else has to guess which is which!

Musical Chairs

Yes, I know this is a children’s party, but this can be a rather hilarious idea when everybody is a little tipsy and getting rather competitive!

Visit this site here for more party ideas!

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