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How to survive valentine’s day alone and single

How to survive valentine’s day alone and single

While your friends moan about their endless search for their loved one’s gifts, you can’t help wallow in your own self-pity and question how you are going to spend this dreaded date. Society tells us that if you’re single on Valentines day, you’ve had a mare. But don’t start labelling yourself as a crazy cat-lady any time soon, make Valentines day your own!

Indulge in food

Stocking up on chocolates is the obvious recommendation here, from Lindor, to Ferrero Rocher, to a posh Guylian collection! Cook yourself up your favourite evening meal and treat yourself to a bottle of wine. Sit back, eat, and feel smug that you don’t have to share these goodies with anyone else!


Depending on how emotionally stable you’re feeling, a popular activity is to overload on Rom-Coms on Valentines. I’d suggest 21 Things I Hate About You, Bridesmaids, 500 days of Summer or Crazy Stupid Love. Try and find films that star your favourite celebrity crush. This will help outweigh any feelings you have for any mediocre people, who can beat Mila Kunis or Ryan Gosling after all?

Have an “all about you day”

You deserve a day of luxury. Book that spa weekend that you convinced yourself you couldn’t afford. Have a bit of retail therapy or get that hair cut you’ve needed for weeks! Engage in anything that will boost your moral.

Write a list of all the reasons you don’t want a boyfriend/ girlfriend

 Take a step back, and appreciate the reasons why you actually don’t mind being single at the moment. For instance, you might already lead a pretty busy life and don’t really see where an other half could fit into the picture. And then there is the emotional assistance you have to commit to, the issues surrounding long-distance, the threat of cheating etc. etc. the list continues.

 Stalk your rubbish ex’s Facebook

 So long as your over your ex, this might be a good time to have a proper stalk and build up vengeance, leading you to feel glad you’re not with them. If you might still have a soft spot, stay firmly away from social media!

 Meet up with your mates

You and your mates need to take advantage of Valentine deals like a massage for two or a dinner for two! Or even just go to the pub or a nice café, something to take your mind off things.

Go on the pull

A night out on Valentines day is perfect, because realistically those that would be out in bars and clubs would be single or else they’d be having a cringe meal with their partners.

Do the usual

There is no harm in treating Valentines day like any other normal day. Have the same breakfast, go to the gym, go to uni, read a book, watch a rubbish film etc. Valentines day has become so based around expensive gifts and commercialism that it’s barely worth acknowledging.

Stay away from social media

It’s so tempting to scroll through Instagram and judge where someone has taken their girlfriend for a Valentines meal or what presents have been exchanged. Doing so will only draw more attention to the fact that you haven’t got anyone to take a picture of your partner holding a glass of wine with the caption “Valentines with this one”. Not that you’d ever want to.

Holly Smith Editor