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How to stay productive over Christmas

How to stay productive over Christmas

Getting into the festive spirit can be difficult when you’ve got essays and exams looming in the near distance. There’s no reason, however, why you can’t work hard and play hard during the Christmas period. It might take a bit more organisation than you’re used to, but it will be worth it in order to make the most out of your time off and still smash your workload.

Here are some handy tips:

  Learn to get up early

This is something that no student likes to hear. But it turns out, there are are whole 4 hours between the time of 9am and 1pm that you could actually make the most of. Training yourself to become an early riser when you return home for Christmas is really worth while as you’re bound to be more productive with so many extra hours.

Start to see your days as “half days”

Students tend to write off any days they have plans with friends as days when they can’t pick up a pen or highlighter. Just because you are going shopping in the morning, however, doesn’t mean you can’t work in the evening and visa versa. Splitting your days in to half days will leave you feeling content that you’re actually balancing your work and social life. Personally, I prefer taking evenings off because then you can still make dinner and drinks plans.

Don’t even attempt to plan any work between the 25th until 1st

If you realistically think you’re going to be revising on boxing day or New Years day, you’re mistaken. You might as well dedicate the 25th until after New Years Eve to your proper Christmas festivities and have a good old relax with friends and family. This means that if you do manage to find some time for work in this time, you’ll feel even more smug and you’ll consider it as extra work.

Plan revision days with your friends

Everyone loves a good group study session. As tragic as it sounds, getting together with your friends from home for a “day trip” to the library can make a fun change from feeling sorry for yourself at your lonely desk.

Work in more exciting places

Whether that be cafés, libraries or friends’ houses, having a change of scenery is always good for motivation levels.

Try not to indulge yourself in too much alcohol

Champagne, Baileys, Mulled Wine, it wouldn’t be Christmas without these wonders of the world. Hangovers, however, are not your friend when it comes to writing essays. This isn’t to say that you’ve got to be a bore over Christmas, but it might be worth skipping that extra shot of baileys.

Confront your procrastination

It’s simple: when you sit down to work, work. When you want to relax, relax. Scrolling through Facebook, checking emails and browsing online sales will only make it feel like you have been sat at your desk for longer than you have been. A useful tip is to download a productivity program like Cold Turkey which temporarily blocks distractions!

Keep organised

Making lists is a god send when it comes to revision. Try and make some weekly and daily goals and how much you want to cover in that time period. Your workload will seem more achievable, and it’s a good way of making yourself feel guilty when you don’t complete something!


It’s cold outside, I hear you reply. From the moment that Quality Street box comes out, the Christmas period is bound to make you feel sluggish. Whilst those extra pounds might be helpful in keeping you warm, they’re unlikely to aid your essays. Exercising is a great way to revive your mind and help stress when you have a lot to balance.

Give yourself Christmas themed treats

Instead of sitting at your desk in silence drinking water and gazing out of the window, spice up your revision routine with a bit of Christmas spirit. When energy levels are dipping, blast some Christmas music in the background and treat yourself to a mince pie.

Holly Smith Editor