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How to stay focused this summer

How to stay focused this summer

Here are our top productivity tips to help you stay focused this summer.

Whether it’s planning for your dissertation, or earning some extra money through working at home, here’s how to have fun whilst also getting your work done.

You’ll thank yourself come the autumn term!

Keep hydrated

Water massively improves productivity and can be vital on super hot days this summer when you’re stuck inside planning your dissertation!

Always keep a large bottle on you at all times, Primark are selling some super cheap and cute ones at the moment so make sure to check those out!

Make a plan

You are not going to get anywhere without a plan.

Make yourself a time table detailing your everyday actions, pencil in any holidays and days out, festivals and road trips before working out when is best for you to get some work done.

By timetabling your day, you can relax when you’re not working in the knowledge that you’ve previously got everything done.

Take into account holidays and existing dates

Take into account your pre-booked holidays and existing days out and if you can, try not to work at all on them.

If you’re preparing for your dissertation and would like to read some books on the beach then go for it, but in terms of actually sitting down with a lap top whilst you’re also trying to have fun in the sun abroad is a little silly and will get a little hot!

If you can avoid it, leave work at home when you holiday and focus on it when you get back, remember, you’ve paid for your holiday- so make the most of it.

Also, taking breaks has been known to improve your productivity and you know what they say- absence makes the heart grow fonder! Leave your work for a week and you’ll be itching to get started on it again when you get back.

Work by a window

If you’re working online and therefore cannot venture outside due to the abundance of sun on your lap top screen, then park yourself by an open window and work there.

Having the sun on your face and some fresh air coming in from the outdoors can really help to improve your productivity and will hopefully be just as good as sitting outside, except this time you’ll be able to see what you are actually writing.

Work outside

If you’re simply working off pen and paper then head outside to lap up the sun rays whilst also getting some work done.

Remember to make sure that you’re comfortable and take some sun cream with you as well.

Although it can be tempting to sit in the sunshine, sun stroke never really helps with productivity so it’s best to be in the shade or a partly shaded area just in case!

Stay cool

Make sure you stay cool!

Unfortunately the vast majority of British homes do not have air conditioning meaning that it’s often difficult to concentrate on your dissertation reading list in a very stuffy bedroom.

The best way to get around this is to place a fan in front of your work station and for an extra hit of cool air you can place ice in front of it to make sure icy air is blasting towards you. Lovely.

Although it can seem a little dreary, keeping the curtains closed in the morning can help to keep your bedroom nice and cool, you can always draw them once you’re done working!

Incorporate nature into your work

Incorporate nature into your work, whether it’s working in a cafe near a local park or heading out on walks for revision and work breaks, incorporating nature into your day and getting plenty of fresh air when you can will really help to you to feel stress free and motivated.

Work with co workers

Working with other people massively helps your concentration, head to a local cafe with your friend to complete some dissertation planning. Sitting at home can sometimes cause you to get very easily distracted.

One minute you’re planning your dissertation, the next you’re emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the oven?

It’s important to take yourself away from these kinds of distractions, placing yourself around other hard working people to encourage you get your head down and to get work done.

Try not to stress too much

Summer is all about taking the load off your shoulders, so it’s important, whilst work does need to be completed, to take a step back at times and to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family and to simply try your best to not get too stressed.

Any work done towards your dissertation this summer is a bonus! So try not to worry too much and do what you can, when you can. You don’t want to be turning down the opportunity of a life time simply because you wanted to write an essay plan six weeks before you actually start your final year at university.

Trust me, you’ll be just fine!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.