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How to prepare for winter at uni

How to prepare for winter at uni

Winter at uni is a time where nurturing yourself is the most important thing! Especially if you are at a northern university (like me, at Edinburgh). I have compiled a list of the top 10 ways to prepare for a winter at uni. Whether you are in student halls or shared accommodation, it is still worth getting yourself geared up for the cold and staying positive!

1) Cook food (as a flat or on your own).

This is a great one for warming up your insides and keeping your body healthy during winter. Focus on cooking warm dishes such as pies and soups. For some excellent ideas see the healthy winter collection on BBC Good food. You could organise a dinner party with wine and music as well to share in the wintery festive season.


2) Try hot yoga.

I wouldn’t recommend Bikram for beginners, but there are always heated yoga sessions for beginners in your city. This is a great way to stay supple and keep your body revitalised.

3) Keep exercising.

This is a key one as we all tend to slow down a bit when it gets to winter. Even if it means a weekend hike up a hill, or (if you are lucky to have a beach nearby) a winter beach stroll. Otherwise a quick workout will keep your energy flowing throughout the day. Try this 15 minute cardio workout on Youtube.

4) Go to a sauna.

Another great way to keep the body warm. Usually they are found in swimming pools, so burn off some calories in the pool and then relax in the hot sauna and steam off those winter blues.


5) Be social.

It is easy to go into hibernation mode come winter time, so it takes an extra bit of effort to get organising meals out, cinema trips and meeting friends for coffee. It will pay off hugely and remind you that winter doesn’t have to be all about hiding under the duvet!

6) Retail therapy.

Perfect for getting rid of any stay-at-home stagnation, as well as building up your winter wardrobe. You can be happy knowing that any warm jumpers, scarves or coats that you buy will be worn for the whole winter season (and perhaps even next year!)

7) Look up winter events.

This is a good way to keep active and have things to look forward to during the winter months. Plan a nice evening seeing some music, or a new years’ eve event. See Skiddle for events in your city.


8) Buy a halogen heater.

If your uni room gets cold around this time of year, it is worth investing in a warm heater that you can turn on as you write essays. (As long as you don’t mind paying the electricity bills!) House of Bath do a nice one for £15.

9) Book a weekend break.

Go somewhere hot or simply book a cottage in the countryside with a log fire. A fantastic way to fully embrace the winter, or a chance to escape it (if you can afford it!)

10) Use the dark evenings to do university work curled up with a hot chocolate and a blanket.

A nice way to get some work done and make your work environment comfortable. You can always add relaxing music and a few candles to make it even more exciting.


These are just a few ways that you can get yourself prepared for winter at uni, see if you can think of some others to add to the list.

Holly Smith Editor