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How to: Minimalise

How to: Minimalise

spring cleaning!

Is clutter taking over your life? Don’t worry! Here’s a handy guide to minimalism, meaning that when you move as a student, graduate or even just decide to de-clutter, you can be out with the old- and in with the new!

Write down a plan

The idea of minimising can be quite daunting for people that are just starting out on the whole process. It is important to note that you are completely in control, if you do not want to get rid of something- don’t do it! Remember that there is no pressure. Write down where you would like to start-you could maybe go about the whole thing room by room, doing a little bit each week, that way the whole process won’t feel so drastic! It’s great to see the affects of minimising, it will be easier to find stuff when you’re in a hurry, it will take you less time to pick out an outfit and you won’t spend large amounts of time doing the washing!

Make sure that you get rid of duplicates

Nobody needs two of the same thing, do they? If you can’t move in your bedroom for tripping over shoes, or you have ten hairbrushes, that all do the same thing- then get rid! This sort of applies also to toiletries, if you’re make up has seen better days or you’ve got some old body butter from two years ago, maybe think about getting rid of those…

Ensure that you have clutter free zones

Clutter free zones are a brilliant way to feel comfortable and relaxed in your home or your work environment. If you can’t see your laptop due to the all the books and sheets that are scattered around your desk, then now is the time to act! Likewise, if your cupboards are overflowing and full of junk, then maybe work on them for a while. Everybody on earth has a junk draw so it’s probably a good time to do some spring cleaning and to tip out all those batteries and old pens from multiple draws!

Dress using less

A great feature of minimalism can be wardrobe de-cluttering! Work towards reducing your wardrobe, getting down to just your essentials. By having less items of clothing, you can rotate your wardrobe easily by each season! Nobody is saying that you have to throw out your entire wardrobe but’s it’s always good to actually see your clothes when you open up your cupboard. A great technique to de-cluttering your clothes can be to work out whether you have worn the garment in a year, if the answer is no, then you’re not going to miss it!

Save money

Minimalism can save you money. Not only can you sell the belongings that you wish to get rid of, but with less items, there is less to maintain and therefore less to pay for. You will also do less washing and therefore spend less on energy and you’ll buy simple foods so will not fork out as much time and money on the weekly shop!

Eat simple meals

This may sound silly, but you can even minimise your fridge! Simple foods are often healthy foods and through purchasing simple foods- you can work towards cooking up fresh meals daily. Meal plan each week, this also saves food because you will throw less food away! Try eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch, only changing it up for your evening meal; this way you can buy the same things each week- you will be able to get your shopping done in half the time! Check out some minimalist recipes here.

Save time

Minimalism can save you time! Think about it, you won’t have loads of stuff to keep on top of all the time. A tidy space a tidy mind.

Pick the opportune moment

One of the best times to minimise is when you are moving. If you’re a student then you will probably be accustomed to moving rooms each year. Each time you do this; make sure that you throw anything that you do not need. Think about it, if you are unearthing items that you haven’t used since fresher’s week, then you probably don’t need it! It can be a really refreshing moment when you arrive in your new flat, house or bedroom, and  you don’t need to worry about cluttering everything back up again!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.