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How to have a clean and happy household at uni

How to have a clean and happy household at uni

For those heading back to uni in September or those moving into a new house, this blog is for you. If you are not sure how to manage different characters and expectations then read on! I have compiled a few tips and suggestions for keeping a happy and clean household so that you can focus on your uni work to the best of your ability! Tiny changes can make a big difference in the long run.

1) Hold regular house meetings.

Although it may sound overly organised, this is the best way to manage everything that might come up. Perhaps someone stole your pizza, or someone in the house is super messy. Whatever the problem, be sure to bring it up in these meetings. Perhaps get someone to take notes, too!

2) Organise social events.

This is a great one for keeping things light-hearted. Find a local pub or a quiz night you all can head out to on a Friday night. Or a club night once a month. Whatever it is this is sure to help you bond together as a household.

3) Hold parties at your house.

This doesn’t have to be mad and crazy, it could just be a poker gathering or a pizza night. Grab a movie you all like and have a sleepover. Again, this will really help everyone in your house to feel included and will take the stress out of all the boring chores.

4) Have a rota.

This is a good one if you have a lot of people in your house. Write down everyone’s name and a job to do, and make sure to rotate on a monthly basis. You don’t want one person doing the hoovering for a year!

5) Take regular trips to IKEA or to top up on household items and communal items.

It is great to share in some of the things in the house, perhaps you have a box of food to be shared – for those days when budgeting isn’t going well, you know you have your house-mates holding your back. Even if you chuck in some super noodles every month, you never know when they might come in useful.

6) Cook together as a house.

You could organise a big meal with everyone, choose a recipe or make smaller dishes. Lots of healthy green vegetables and spices and cook up something wonderful. If someone isn’t good with the frying pan, they can make cocktails. It’s all about pitching in and helping out as much as possible.

It’s the small things which count, remember that. Try to look out for everyone in your house and be organised about who does what tasks. The worst thing is to have a house decorated with angry passive-aggressive notes. So speak up, voice your worries and see how effective it is when everything is out in the open. Make a list every time something comes up and bring it up in the house meeting. You will feel much better just having all your issues out there and you can finally focus on your uni work and enjoying your time there knowing you have a good, fresh and happy house-hold to come back to and crash at the end of the busy uni day.

Holly Smith Editor