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❄ Some hearty food to cook on a snowy day ❄

❄ Some hearty food to cook on a snowy day ❄

Yes, we know, it’s pretty darn cold at the moment, and I don’t know about you, but I am struggling to cope. What we all really need in this weather, (thanks storm Emma), are plates and plates of comforting, hot, inviting winter warming food.

Here are a few recipes for you to enjoy today. So get on the sofa, whack on the heating and enjoy. You can also check out this Student Life Guide article here on some winter warming essentials.

A Provencal winter stew, ooh fancy

If you are looking to make a perfectly warming and hearty stew, then this recipe by Delia Smith is fantastic. By far the best thing about stew is the fact that you can leave it to cook for hours, meaning that you can go through the day in the knowledge that you have got a hot, warming and filling meal to eat that evening.

Squidgy Chocolate and Pear Pudding

Yes, I know, people do seem to freak out slightly when chocolate and fruit are mixed together. However, this recipe is so tasty and the pear really works to make the whole pudding squidgy and gooey.  A great tip is to cover the whole thing with fresh cream, or follow this great recipe here on how to make your own custard, because nothing says comfort winter food like a hot stodgy pudding, right?

Chicken Roasted with Winter Root Vegetables

Roast chicken can be quite an expensive venture, don’t worry however, this recipe uses chicken thighs which are unbelievably cheap! The veggies are really cheap as well and you don’t need the best chopping skills. Just cut up the vegetables chunky and throw them in a pan, sear the chicken thighs before placing them in the pan on top of the veggies!

Mac and Cheese (the ultimate)

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?

This recipe is great and super affordable! You can always add some extras to the dish such as bacon to add more flavour, or a little bit of spicy smoked paprika to add some heat!

Chilli (no pun intended)

Chilli is fantastic. Make up a big batch of it and maybe have a meal with friends, weather permitting with transport of course!

Bean and Sausage Hot Pots

Bean and Sausage Hot Pots are another great way to save money whilst cooking incredibly tasty food! All you need are some sausages, a can of butter beans, some sugar and some mustard. You will also need a quick squirt of tomato ketchup, everyone has that in their kitchen!

Fresh Scones and Honey

The ultimate treat! You can whip up these scones after coming in from the snow. They are also great as they are made out of ingredients that you are bound to have in you cupboard. If you feel like livening them up you can always add chocolate chips or raisins. Drizzle them in honey and have them with a cup of tea. Perfect.

Chicken Tikka Masala

The ultimate. This takeaway classic can be made easily at home with simple ingredients. You can even make it in the morning and leave it simmering for the evening meal. Spicy food on a cold snowy day can be really comforting and warming.

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

None of that powder stuff. This is made from whole milk, cinnamon, sugar and chocolate!

Also, don’t skimp on the cream! This recipe recommends whipping up some double cream yourself before dumping it on top. You can even work on making a hot chocolate freak shake, pile on the cake and sugar, it’s snowing outside…

Golden Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie

Including one for the vegetarians! This is a warming and hearty take on the classic: Shepherd’s Pie. With a sweet potato topping this pie is filled with roasted vegetables cooked in wine and stock and is packed full of flavour. It’s also made from the usual winter root vegetables which are super affordable and easy to cook with. A great tip is to roast them before chucking them in the pie, this helps to keep in some flavour!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.