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Your guide to Galantines Day

Your guide to Galantines Day

IT’S Valentine’s Day- a.k.a: another reminder that you’re totally single and alone, except for your takeaway pizza and mountain of essays. BUT, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; find out all about its lesser known cousin, Galentines.

Galentines Day is the invention of fictional character and all round legend Leslie Knope (aka comedian Amy Poehler) in the hit television show Parks and Recreation. It takes place on February 13th, and is a day dedicated to celebrating your best girlfriends, the queens of your life and all around superstars.

In the words of Leslie: “What’s Galentines Day? It’s only the best day of the year!”

Now, Leslie and co celebrate Galentines Day by leaving their boyfriends at home and going for a celebratory brunch, complete with cute Galentines presents for each guest…as well as a personalised 5000-word essay of why they’re so awesome.

Yeah, maybe skip that last part unless you’re totally into writing essays for fun- but BRUNCH? Now that’s something we can one hundred per cent get behind.

So, here are some of the best ways you can celebrate Galentines Day this year- and remember, no boys allowed!

1) Go for a ridiculously extravagant brunch, complete with coffee galore and, if you want to go full on Leslie Knope, a plate full of waffles and whipped cream.

2) Go on an adventure together-even if it’s just taking a picnic to your local forest or park, go outside and explore the world around you with your best girlfriends. Find something exciting to do in your city, or take a train ride to a new place you’ve always wanted to visit. After all, Galentines Day is all about making new memories, and remembering the old.

3) It’s the thought that counts. Don’t worry about buying an expensive gift; remember, Galentines is about showing that you care, not that you can spend! Write a meaningful card, or print off sweet photos that mean something to both of you.

4) Have a pyjama day and binge watch the kind of television that’s normally just your guilty pleasure. Galentines Day is GUILT FREE, OK?

5) Throw a big house party, with all your friends there, old and new. That co-worker you’ve just become friendly with? Invite them, alongside your oldest, dearest pals, and party the night away with cheesy pop hits and lots of pizza.

6) Reach out to old friends you’ve lost contact with over the years, and remind them that you still treasure the memories you made together.

7) Take the time to empower each other to achieve your goals.

8) And lastly… thank your gals for everything they do for you-because really, is there anything more special and powerful than female friendship? <3

Remember, ovaries before brovaries!


Holly Smith Editor