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Give these different eggs a try this Easter

Give these different eggs a try this Easter

cheester eggs all round!

From cheese and pickle eggs through to chocolate avocado eggs, this year, supermarkets are pushing the limits of the humble chocolate egg!

The Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg


Photo credit: Waitrose.

Pushing the limits of our 21st-century avocado obsession, these eggs look divine! Filled with a chocolate mousse for the avocado filing with a solid chocolate stone, these eggs are pure perfection.

In true Waitrose style, they are a little pricey, coming in at £8, worth it.


The Cheese Easter Egg


Photo credit: ASDA.

If cheese is more your thing, then this new Easter egg is the thing for you. Consisting of creamy cheese, this egg comes with additional chutney and some crackers! You only get half an egg, but the cheese is pretty rich! Yes, I have tried this one, no shame.

The Gin and Tonic Easter Egg

John Lewis

Photo credit: John Lewis

Before you get all baffled, no, John Lewis have not found out the secret of combining an Easter Egg and gin. They are however selling an Easter egg with a side of gin! This delicious chocolate egg comes with a cheeky bottle of rhubarb and ginger, it’s pretty dam good!

Oh, and it’s £12.50.

Vegan Chocolate Egg Truffles

Booja Booja

Photo credit: BoojaBooja

If you have always been under the impression that Easter is not for the vegans due to the abundance of milk chocolate, then never fear! Booja Booja is offering a brilliant range of Easter egg truffles and THEY.LOOK.SO.GOOD.

The ones pictured above are only ten pounds!

Chocolate Easter Scotch Egg

Not On the High Street

Photo credit: Not on the High Street

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine two of the best things ever, scotch eggs and Easter eggs?

Well, you no longer have to wonder, ‘Not On the High Street’ has done just that! These scotch eggs don’t have the usual sausage, egg, and breadcrumbs in them, instead, they consist of a creme egg encased in truffle and then rolled in breadcrumbs. They look pretty amazing.

They cost £10.95.

Chocolate Egglet

Hotel Chocolate

Photo Credit: Hotel Chocolate

Honestly, this thing is pure perfection. Hotel Chocolate usually sells these eggs for a whopping £28 but they are currently just £14, which, for Hotel Chocolate, is pretty impressive! Consisting of smooth milk chocolate, this egg encases a selection of chocolate truffles in a variety of flavours. This one is definitely for the chocolate connoisseurs.

Happy Easter!

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