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10 Recipes to keep you going through Freshers Week!

10 Recipes to keep you going through Freshers Week!

Fresher’s week can be a considerable learning curve when it comes to cooking for yourself. Don’t worry though, here at Student Life Guide we have 10 fantastic recipe ideas for delicious meals throughout the week, from group pancakes through to soup snuggled up in bed with a film – comfort food to the rescue.

All the recipes also have links to method and ingredients! (You’re welcome)

#1 Pancakes

Pancakes are a great meal to have in the morning to help you recover from the night before- they also satisfy those sugar cravings! They are also a great way to get to know people in your halls as you could cook everyone some pancakes up after a big night out together. You can also pack pancakes with healthy ingredients such as bananas to up those potassium levels and banish that hangover, or bacon to satisfy that fry up craving! Follow the link for a great American style pancake recipe.

#2 Pasta Bake

The staple favourite, pasta bake is a great way to make pasta exciting again. It’s simple, cheap and great for sharing. Add some cheese and breadcrumbs on top for crunchiness, some chili for spice or some chicken to bulk it out more! BBC food do a wide variety of flavours so can you always be mixing it up.

#3 Stir fry

Stir fry is another great meal as it’s quick and simple. Most of the ingredients can be bought ready prepared so it’s just a case of putting it all in the pan together. This meal is perfect as it can be ready in minutes and is always filling and relatively healthy to have quite often.

#4 Spag bol!

Another staple, this meal is great as lots of it can be made and the rest frozen for quick and simple meals when freshers is over.  It’s also, of course, another way to make pasta and spaghetti a little bit more exciting.

#5 Omlette

Cheap, quick and easy, omelettes are perfect for breakfast during your week at university. You can either make them simple or add more ingredients to make it a much more filling meal, ideas such as ham, cheese, peppers and chicken always work well!

#6 Curry

Hearty, warming and filling! Curry can be brought in the jar or freshly made, it can also be frozen for future meals. Added extras such as naan bread and chutneys will bulk up the meal and make it more exciting. Curry can of course be brought ready made but BBC food have some great and really simple recipe ideas, a lot more healthy too.

#7 Jacket Potato

These are simple and really easy to adapt to how you like them. Add cheese, beans, or just butter for the classic!

#8 Fajitas

Fajitas are another great way to make up a big meal for not that much money at all. They come in packs which only require chicken and pepper. Get the flat together and have a flat meal, you can even add some tequila shots! Visit the Ol Del Paso website for more ideas on how you can liven up your fajitas!

#9 Nachos

Keeping with the Mexican food theme, nachos are another cheap, quick and filling meal. They are a great hangover snack as well as being versatile as you can add whichever topping you would like to finish off the dish.

#10 Soup

Comforting! Soup is perfect for the final day of freshers when all you want to do is curl in your bed and watch some films. You can make your own croutons to liven the dish up. BBC food have endless recipes to work your way through.



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