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‘Freshers’ Interview

‘Freshers’ Interview

Lots of you have probably seen the recent three-part series of ‘Freshers’ on ITV2, following the lives of six students, seeing how they coped with moving away from home, and juggling uni work with their new-found social lives.  We managed to catch up with three of the stars, Anita, Bayleigh and Forrest to find out how they’re finding uni, and what tips they have to share with anyone whose either at uni, or applying for next year.

A: = Anita

B: =  Bayleigh

F: = Forrest

What made you choose to go to University in Bedfordshire?

A:            Firstly, I chose it as it’s not too far from home, and also, because before I even started the course, my tutor called me personally to answer any questions and explain more about the course. I thought that was a really nice touch and showed that they care about the students that enrol.

B:            I chose Bedfordshire for the course – Media Performance – I’d love to be a presenter one day.

F:            When I went to the open day, everything the lecturer said answered my questions in detail, and the classes were smaller and more intimate than other universities I had looked at, which appealed to me.

What were your main concerns before going to University?

B:            I was apprehensive about making new friends, living away from home and generally coping with student life.

F:            My course – if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t put the effort in. I was also apprehensive about the lectures being difficult, knowing I would have to read a lot of books, but I am enjoying it.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking of going to Uni?

F:           100% do it – but don’t just come if you think it’s going to be laugh and one big social party. Whilst that’s a part of it, work needs to come first; otherwise you’re wasting your time and money.

How are you managing to juggle work and the social aspects of Uni life?

A:            I’m lucky as I only have lectures two days a week.  I go on the student nights that won’t affect my lectures the next day and then also put two days aside for reading – it’s working well!

What have been the best bits about moving away from home?

A:            Definitely the independence, you don’t have to answer to anyone.  I actually really enjoy cooking now as well – our flat has our own ‘Come Dine with Me’ which is really sociable. 

B:            I think the best bit is having more independence; I can do what I want, when I want.

What have been the most difficult things?

F:            Because I come from a large family (six brothers and sisters), I’ve missed seeing my little brothers and sisters. I hate going back home and seeing how much they’ve changed. However, that’s also probably why I appreciate having my own space so much at uni!

What do you think makes for a good housemate?

A:            Someone that’s clean.  Everyone should recognise it’s a shared space and clear up after themselves.  I also think someone that’s honest and you feel you can trust.  

Have you managed to keep in touch with your friends from home?

F:            Yes, I’ve kept in contact with all my friends and they’ve been so supportive, I’m so overwhelmed and touched at the response I’ve had. They all made time to watch all three episodes, which is really nice.

What made you decide to be part of the show?

B:            My course choice and wanting to be a presenter encouraged me to take part in the show, as well as the fact I thought it would be a really fun experience.

How has the reaction on campus been?

B:            There’s been a really positive reaction, mainly because people love the fact that their uni is on TV.   Although during filming, there were some people who didn’t want to be involved, which is fair enough.

What was the highlight of Freshers for you?

A:            My highlight was the first day here, and the Freshers’ ball, which was also the last day of filming. Everyone was together and having fun.

Holly Smith Editor