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Fresher’s flu STILL getting you down?

Fresher’s flu STILL getting you down?

Is fresher’s flu STILL getting you down? There’s an age old joke in the university sphere that you never really get better, you just learn to live at a permanently ‘under the weather’ level.

Well, here at Student Life Guide, we care about you, so here are some top tips to make sure that fresher’s flu goes away FINALLY, and you can get back to the important things in life, from pre-drinks to dominoes pizza.

#1 Drink water!
You really need to flush all that yucky flu out of your system, and the most simple way to do this is by drinking lots and lots and lots of water. Carry a bottle around with you and keep yourself hydrated. The average person needs eight glasses of water a day so aim to beat this! Re hydration sachets are also a great way of getting back all those nutrients, salts and electrolytes your body needs, empty a sachet into a small glass of water and drink in the morning for a bit of revitalisation. Berocca or cheaper vitamin C tablets are great as well, they dissolve in a small glass of water as well and can really help in the mornings, because everyone feels worse then.

#2 Don’t go out!

Repeat after me, I WILL NOT GO OUT TONIGHT. Every time you on a night out, it puts back recovery a few days, meaning that you will feel ill for a longer amount of time. Alcohol also dehydrates you massively, meaning that your body will struggle to recover from the hangover, as it is already dehydrated from your flu. It can also exhaust you much more extensively than if you were healthy and will often make your flu worse.

#3 Honey and lemon

This is much cheaper than lemsip and will really help if you have a sore throat during the flu. Honey has natural antiseptic qualities and will really help to coat your throat in a protective layer, whilst lemon provides that vitamin C boost. Mix half a lemon with two teaspoons of honey and some hot water. You can also buy squeezed lemon in the bottle for around 70 pence from supermarkets.

#4 Paracetamol

If you have a very high fever, then having paracetamol will really help to lower it. You can have paracetamol every four hours and really keeping this up will speed up recovery. Paracetamol are extremely cheap and it really makes a difference if you ignore the more expensive brands. Tablets labelled as three times the price usually contain the same thing, so don’t be fooled.

#5 Sugar syrup

If you have a chesty cough then simple cough medicines are simply sugar syrup and anti-decongestant which will get everything moving off your chest. They are really cheap and you do not have to spend a fortune on the more advanced brands. Just something to loosen your chest will do the trick.

#6 Hot water bottle

Whether it’s for keeping you warm when those chills set in, or for applying to your sore chest to help loosen it, a hot water is a god send and will really help you to keep warm, comfortable and to fight that flu faster!

#7 Steam

A great way to help with decongestant is to fill a large bowl or the sink with hot water so that it is giving off lots of steam. Place your head over it and cover yourself with a towel, this way the steam will help to loosen the phlegm on your chest and will aid breathing massively. It will also help to clear your airways.

#8 Rest

Sleep is a cure for everything and by making sure you are really rested and relaxed you are bound to beat that flu quickly.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.