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Final Year: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Final Year: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Remember that time in first year when you laughed because a student asked you and your friends to be quiet in the library? That person was in their final year of university and that person saying “sssshhh” behind a wall of books is now you.

Welcome to your final year at university, here is what to expect:

The Good

Being a student in your final year really isn’t as horrific as it might sound. There are many positives to being an experienced student, for example, you will become a master at napping. Yes yes, you no longer have a “sleeping pattern” but you will learn how to nap like a boss. You’ll know exactly how many minutes (including falling asleep time) is required to regain energy and will be able to nap in any location.

Final year

After the fun but expensive experience of halls and the disgusting second year student accommodation, you are now seasoned in what to look out for when picking a house for your final year. It will be cheaper, there won’t be any major pest concerns and your landlord will actually come and fix things when they have broken. So, when you get tired of the library, you can actually enjoy the comforts of home.

First year is a whirlwind of meeting new people, going to clubs and thinking that every person you meet is amazing and worldly. Second year, you keep going to the same clubs, you meet more people and those worldly people quickly become annoying and unkind. Third year, you can finally get a house with the people you like and you have the best excuse not to go clubbing anymore because of “deadlines”. This is the year where you can actually stay in on a Friday night without being judged. Plus, the people you’ve chosen for your final year, well these really will be your friends for life.


The Bad

After two years of the occasional society night out and spending summer holidays trying to crawl out of your overdraft by working in the local cinema, you’ll realise that the only thing you can update on your CV with is your degree. However, you really don’t have to worry too much because as students, we get good Christmas and Easter holidays to catch up on work experience, plus it is never too late to get more involved in running a society.

Backache, be prepared for it. You’ll never leave the house without your backpack because there’s always a list of books you need from the library. That, plus hours of being sat working on your laptop means that a good massage or spa day may be the best graduation present you could ask for.

Final Year

The percentage panic will set in. You knew first year essays didn’t count, you worked relatively well on second year essays but they didn’t count as much. Third year essays, well, they count and you know it. You know how you did in second year but what score do you need to get in these next essays for a first? You’ll find yourself YouTubing Excel tutorials so that you can work out each percentage for each module to achieve that First!


The Ugly

Your diet will consist of snack food and pizza because who has time to cook and sit down for a meal when you still have 2,500 words left on your assignment?!

Meltdowns will become common. You’ll have a meltdown because you didn’t start your assignment until the week before. You’ll have three more about missing those lectures in second year.  When trying to reclaim your youth by watching nostalgic films, you will breakdown once more because you realise that it has been 12 years since Shaun of the Dead was released. Just remember that we have all had a university meltdown and it will all be ok.


So with that in mind, just remember that final year will be hard work but personally, it was my favourite year because I worked hard. When I wasn’t working hard, I was surrounded by the best people doing the things that I actually enjoyed. So you see, it isn’t all that bad.

By Sarah Rousseau 

Holly Smith Editor