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Would you fake a proposal… to get free food?

Would you fake a proposal… to get free food?

LET’S be honest: if there’s one thing that unites students, it’s the love of free food.

The number of leaflets we’ll pick up at Freshers’ Fair just to get a free doughnut or pizza slice knows no end.

But how far would you actually go in this noble cause?

Two teenagers from Texas took this the furthest I’ve ever seen, and faked a proposal in a restaurant order to get a free dessert.

19-year old Cati Domitrovich and 17-year-old Alex Nagle were eating at a restaurant in March this year, when Alex went down on one knee, pulled out a ring and asked Cati whether she would do him the honour of being his wife.

However, as you will already have guessed: this was a cunning ploy by the friends in order to get a free dessert. The picture of the proposal went viral after Domitrovich posted it on social media with the caption: ‘We faked a proposal just get free dessert.’

According to Buzzfeed, the teenagers acted like a couple for the entire meal prior to the proposal. While Domitrovich was in the bathroom, Nagle told the waitress that he planned to propose to her, and asked her to take the pictures which made the rounds on social media.

Apparently, the entire restaurant was convinced by the cunning ploy. Domitrovich told Buzzfeed,: “Everyone believed us and everyone clapped.”

The couple decided to carry out their cheeky plan to cheer themselves up after a particularly bad week, and they seem to have enjoyed it.

Domitrovich thought that the free dessert – which included a delicious-looking crème brûlée – was “really good”.

Nagle, found the fake proposal experience, “really fun.”

As if that wasn’t enough free pudding, Domitrovich told Buzzfeed that they might have another go at the proposal hoax elsewhere: ‘”We’re thinking about doing it other places too.”

Rightly, however, she was also concerned that other restaurants in Texas might cotton onto the plan – probably due to the wide circulation of the proposal pictures on social media – and not look kindly on the fake couple.

The reactions to the proposal on social media have been varied, with some reacting positively to the scam and calling it ‘genius,’ and others complaining that the relatively small size of the pudding meant that it wasn’t worth all the hassle.

Ultimately, though, as students, I think we can all sympathise with the noble cause of getting some free food from a fancy restaurant.

If the teenagers’ plan seems a bit extreme, here are three more ways to get free food without having to get down on one knee:


1. Go to supermarket openings

There will always be free food at these for you to enjoy. The same can be said for chain restaurants: when a new Caribbean restaurant opened in my hometown of York, I managed to nab a slot at their launch event and had bottomless free cocktails and Caribbean snacks (win!)

2. Go to restaurants on your birthday

So many restaurants, most famously Frankie and Benny’s offer free food for customers on their birthdays – there’s a handy guide by Save the Student which you can read to help you maximise your birthday food. Some big names that offer free birthday food include Greggs, Jamie’s Italian, and Millie’s Cookies.

3. Become a mystery diner

I know lots of students who have done this. Basically, you sign up for an agency who will cover your food bill if you buy a meal in a chain restaurant and write up a report based on your experiences afterwards.

These agencies work for the business owners to make sure their standards are being met by these branches. Obviously, you’d have to spend the time eating and then writing up your report, but you won’t have to pay a penny for the meal. For more information, check out this link.

Happy dining everyone!

Holly Smith Editor