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Everything you need to do whilst you are a student

Everything you need to do whilst you are a student

Let’s face it, being a student is pretty good! From massive holidays, short work days and student loans, you will probably never have this much spare time again, so you need to make the most of it.

Here are the five top things you absolutely have to do before you graduate and go into the big world.

#1 Make the most of those massive holidays, travel, explore and discover!

Seriously, you get a two month holiday at Christmas and a four month long holiday during the summer! What can be better? The main thing to do when you are a student, before you graduate, is to make the most of all this free time! Travel with your friends, by yourself or with your partner and make memories. Enjoy having months to use for yourself! There are some brilliant discount holidays available from Thailand to Croatia. You can even save up and go travelling around the USA! You can also use the free time to travel and discover for your university course, for example, if you are a history student then head to some historical sites, geography students head to some beautiful national parks, English students, get to the theatre, the list goes on!

#2 Enjoy the discounts

There will be plenty of discounts available for you when you are a student, from six month free amazon student trials, five pound cinema and theatre tickets, cheaper travel fares, endless student discounts at restaurants and student discounts in clothing stores such as ASOS, New Look and Topshop. The majority of businesses have student discounts, so make the most of them!

#3 Enjoy the late nights and lie ins

Sleep, you can really get some good hours in during your time as a student, hours that you definitely miss when you start your job. Snooze to your heart’s content- but remember to do your university work.

#4 Go on road trips

For many people, road trips and days out can only happen at the weekend, and often come with a sleepy Monday morning get up, but as a student, you can make the most of your free time. From house or garden parties, trips to the beach, festivals, shopping, or a different city- try out some budget days exploring.

#5 Take an extra course/ hobby

University comes hand in hand with free time, a great way to fill this is by learning a new skill, whether it’s writing a book, baking, hiking, swimming or playing a musical instrument. Extra curricular activities such as these can be a fun way of spending your time outside of university, you will also gain skills

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.