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Every Single Person You Will Encounter During an Exam

Every Single Person You Will Encounter During an Exam

The one who is constantly fidgeting

You know these people. They walk into the exam room, trip over a chair before spending ages to actually find their seat. They then proceed to realise that their phone is in their pocket, meaning that they then have to get up and walk back to their bag.
When in place again, they drop their pencil. Upon leaning down to get it they push their chair back so hard that it creates a screech which will haunt your soul forever. You know the drill, this goes on for the whole exam.

The one that did not study

These ones are always easy to spot because they never seem to be that fussed. In blatant denial, they keep quiet as people discuss the topics, for fear that they might be found out.

The one reading through the whole course minutes before

These people bring their whole course folder to the exam and pull it out of their bags, sheets scattering to the wind, minutes before the doors open. They then proceed to frantically read through the whole text, forcing the words into their head. Not sure if this actually works…

The one who you have not seen all semester and who you’re not even sure is on the course…

Seriously, who is this person? You’ve never seen them before in your life.

The one who plays it cool

This person is calm and collected. They know that they’ve studied and they are ready for life throws at them. This is probably the person that single student in the exam wishes they were the second that they open up that exam paper.

The one who freaks the hell out

You know who I mean, this person is usually situated in the middle of the corridor talking at top volume on how they haven’t studied- although you know that they have- how they are definitely going to fail and how they have absolutely no idea what they are doing, why they are there and whether they will actually survive the whole experience.

The quiet one

We all know this person. They turn up right as the doors open, walk in, sit down, do the exam and then they leave, without uttering a word to anyone- they also never tell anyone their results. Sneaky.

The negative-nelly

As the test is over these people are right by your side recounting everything that they did wrong and that they are definitely going to fail. This is never really a great thing to do, as everything that they believe is incorrect is exactly what you put in the test – best to avoid them at all costs!

The one who arrives late

This is the person that makes everybody wait, nervously looking at the clock count it’s way down, just because they decided to sleep in on exam day. They usually burst into the room, apologising endlessly and throw themselves into their chair. You end up envying them as they have no time to question the meaning of life before the exam begins.

The one who doesn’t even show up

Does it make anyone else uncomfortable just staring at that empty chair? Where are they? Have they forgotten? Have they been rushed to hospital? WHY ARE THEY NOT HERE?

The one who is constantly going to the toilet

We all know this person. They continuously ask to go to the toilet to the point where you are convinced that they are cheating.

The question asker

The whole exam process is actually quite easy to understand, so it’s always a wonder when someone holds up the whole process by asking endless questions, ranging from ‘what time does it finish’, when the answer to that is written on the wall, through to ‘where do I put my name?’ SIGH

The non-stop

These students get started the second the invigilator says those infamous words: You may begin: good luck. All of a sudden, they whip the page over violently, scan the sheet at lightning speed, bend their head down and get writing.

Sometimes you expect steam to be rising from their pen they are writing so quickly. They ask for three extra booklets and finish a good half an hour before anyone else, leaving before you even have time to notice them go.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.